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After visiting the rooms below you may click the "back" button in your browser to return to this page. Take your time and enjoy! You were meant to be here. 

The Cabin Forum 

A place to read, submit, and discuss you own poetry or poetry submitted by others in a "message board" format. You can follow conversation threads, add comments, and interact with other Cabin visitors.

The Cabin Message Board 

Post a message at The Cabin or e-mail your own thoughts, comments, or feedback. Please spend a little time first visiting some of the other rooms so that you get a feel for the underlying theme of The Cabin.

Featured Poet 

A small collection of submitted poems from one poet. Poetry collections, along with biographical information, may be submitted for consideration to be posted in this room.

Featured Poem 

A selected poem from other rooms within The Cabin. Occasionally I will post poems submitted by other individuals.

Selected Poems 

A group of my personal favorites from various rooms within The Cabin.

Cabin Chapbook 


In Memory Of...
Love Hurts...
Thinking of You...
Pieces of Me...
Life on Earth...
Angels Among Us...

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A "themed sub-site" attached to The Cabin. Contains selected poems from various pages within The Cabin. The poems are categorized by chapters and displayed individually in a graphically pleasing (I hope) environment.

A Place Called Forever 



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A poetic journey of bonded hearts traveling to a place called Forever. A tribute to love, the way it was meant to be.

Reader's Comments 

Comments from some of my visitors on various poems found within the rooms of The Cabin.

A Different Reality 


Lost Love
Songs of Life
The Search
Warning Signs
The Dark Side
A complete book of poetry spanning almost 20 years of my life. It is broken up into eight chapters covering various subjects. Each chapter contains an introduction and the main page has a complete table of contents.

The Angel and Me 



Part I - The Journey
Part II - The Arrival
Part III - The Meeting
Part IV - The Awakening

A relatively long "short story". This story was written following a series of dreams I had which seemed to be trying to tell me something. It is a journey of enlightenment, the story of a search for love, peace, and meaning in a mystical world. If "A Different Reality" is the heart of The Cabin, this story is the soul.

The Angel and Me II 



Part I- Beyond The Cabin
Part II- Into The Light
Part III- Returning Home
Part IV- Another Awakening
Part V- The Abyss
The sequel to the above story. The search for enlightenment continues through time and space leading the two travelers into an entirely different dimension with a very unique ending.

The Abyss 

An epic, co-authored poem written entirely by e-mail with my wonderful friend, Michelle Bartley. This poem took over a year to complete and ties directly into The Angel and Me I & II.

New Works 



Room I
Room II
Room III (newest)
These rooms contain many of the new poems I've written since completing "A Different Reality".

Reading Room 

Heart of Darkness
A small collection of short stories and essay type writings by myself and others.

Guest Rooms 


Here you will find poems written by others and submitted to The Cabin for posting. Sorry, I no longer accept poetry submissions to the Guest Rooms! However, I WILL accept submissions for the following rooms:

The Cabin Forum
Featured Poem
Featured Artist

Random Thoughts 

Various quotes and small bits of wisdom submitted to The Cabin or found posted around the net.

Food for Thought 

A page where you will find longer excerpts from various sources, primarily meant to give you a bit of inspiration or maybe just "something to think about". You may submit to this page too!

Link Room 

Some of my favorite links.

Writers and Poets Resources 

More links to poetry and writing specific sites and resources

Special Features

Digital Postcard 

Send unique "cyber postcards" to your friends and loved ones for free!

Message Board 



Post a message at The Cabin or e-mail your own thoughts, comments, or feedback. Please spend a little time first visiting some of the other rooms so that you get a feel for the underlying theme of The Cabin.

Search Engines 

Search the Internet from the comfort of The Cabin. This room contains several of the more popular search engines for your surfing pleasure. You may also search The Cabin itself!

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