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Co-author's Comments:

The following poem took over a year to complete. It is a co-authored poem written by myself and Michelle Bartley, who I have never met in person but who is and will always be a wonderful friend.

Michelle and I met through the wonders of the computer age and became very good friends almost immediately. "Soul Mates" would be a more appropriate term I think. It all started simply enough. We just sort of stumbled upon one another in a chat room created by her on Prodigy.

She created the room in response to the presence of all the other rooms that were nothing more than "pick-up" joints and cybersex hangouts. It had an air of friendship and kindness like no other room I had ever wandered into. And I got hooked say the least :-). Our love of poetry and similar writing styles led us to corraborate on this poem. Initially the poem was only meant to be an experiment, just for fun. But it became a little more than that. We would e-mail the verses back and forth, each picking up where the other left off. As we discussed the meanings and inspirations behind our separate contributions we began to realize that something very unusual was going on. Thus, "The Abyss" was born- and from this poem and the "The Angel and Me" stories, "The Cabin-Website" came to be. As we got to know each other better, we began to experience something that goes far beyond any simple explanation. We had a lot in common to begin with but the further we went the more we found. It seems as if we had known each other a VERY long time. Coincidences and other events occurred which threatened to shake our very understanding of reality itself.

I became very close to Michelle and have only the greatest respect for her and her husband, Dave. Theirs is a very special relationship and Dave deserves special recognition for allowing Michelle and me to explore some of the occasionally "intimate" concepts contained within not only the poem but the Angel and Me stories that connect to this poem. The poems and stories are a creative attempt to exemplify love in its purest form as envisioned by two friends who hold the value of true and meaningful friendship to a level beyond those normally encountered in non-physical relationships.

The writings stand as a symbolic representation of the two aspects of each individual's split soul, the male/female or the amina/animus, which comes together to be one with itself. This completed soul, now healed and conjoined as one, then has the opportunity and choice to expand deeper inward toward the Light and golden cord which connects each one of us, not only to every other soul, but to the Source itself, while also expanding outward attracting to itself true and ultimate love and happiness.

It is not meant to imply that Michelle and I have ever or would ever consummate a friendship such as ours in physical terms as we have too much respect for each other and the intimate relationships we have with others in our lives. Both of us strongly feel that the words written and contained within the poems and stories found here at The Cabin, speak to, from, and about soul level experience. Our sincere hope and prayer for each and everyone of you who reads our work is that it will touch you in the deepest sense, opening you up to the inner aspects of your own heart and soul so you too may begin the journey through the very real, inner realms awaiting you.

"The Abyss" has truly been a labor of love and there are few things in life I have ever enjoyed more than working with Michelle both as a friend and a co-author. This poem became almost an obsession in many ways- but a very good one. (And there are so few good obsessions left ya know?). Both Michelle and I had many changes occur in our lives just after we reached the last verse written here. In some ways, many of the verses paralleled the evolution of our friendship and in some cases, actually foretold events that were to happen later to both of us in our "real-world" intimate relationships. It is a remarkable story to say the least, but one you would have had to live to truly appreciate the impact.

That is beyond the scope of this page however, so I will just let you decide for yourself. Suffice it to say that in our eyes, The Abyss was much more than just a poem. It was a living, breathing, and evolving part of our lives. I hope you enjoy it. And don't be surprised if it shows up in your dreams.

Again, I would like to thank Dave, and my own special love, Sharon, for their understanding of the concepts and events expressed here as well in other places throughout The Cabin where Michelle and I have collaborated or referred to each other in manners suggesting intimacy of a physical nature. In the end, love is all that matters and I have been blessed beyond belief to have found it in a friend such as Michelle and in Sharon, my real-life Angel.

The poem is broken up into 21 parts, each of which was written in turn by Michelle and I through e-mail back and forth. The index below will allow you to skip to each part but it is all on this one page so I suggest you just take advantage of the scroll bar so you don't miss anything. The "M" or "A" in the Index headings indicate who wrote which part. Happy reading...

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Part I- Michelle's Ballad (M)Part II- Alan's Ballad (A)Part III- Limbo (M)
Part IV- Voices (A)Part V- A New World (M)Part VI- A Journey Clear (A)
Part VII- A Quiet Tranquility (M)Part VIII- The Voyage (A)Part IX- A Key to the Mystery (M)
Part X- Seeds of Destiny (A)Part XI- The Awakening (M)Part XII- Beyond the Gate (A)
Part XIII- Instructions (M)Part XIV- Through the Portal (A)Part XV- The White Rose (M)
Part XVI- Wanderers of Fate (A)Part XVII- The Apex (M)Part XVIII- Visions Unfurled (A)
Part XIX- Restful Hearts (M)Part XX- In Search of Truth (A)Part XXI- A Time of Alignment (M)

The Abyss
By: Alan W. Goodson and Michelle Bartley

Part I: Michelle's Ballad-to index

The chrysalis cleaved onto the wall, safe within its womb,
Laughing, smiling, feeling, crying, untouched in its tomb.
With life vibrantly growing, striving to be whole,
Restlessly awaiting to become a living soul.

I sensed no other presence, just desired to be free,
I did not want to be alone, as seemed destiny.
When the sheath that wrapped about me, had finally fell away,
My essence soon discovered, there was a price to pay.

From within the vast abyss, from whence I took my flight,
shackled ankles with a golden cord, dangled me from the light,
A voice which cried out from within, was giving clear instruction,
"You must stay in this darkness, or meet your own destruction!"

With anguish swelling in my heart, and so much love to give,
Silently I contemplated, the life I had to live.
Others in the distance, all appeared to soar so high,
Like tiny grains of star dust, in the diamond studded sky,

Touching the golden confines, chained firmly to my feet,
I stared up at a pinpoint star, where the other end seemed to meet.
Sometimes I would climb the cord, to view what I could see,
But in that world of other souls, there was no place for me.

At times other beings would fall, and near me they would hedge,
Always I would caution them, "Do not go near the edge!"
But the deadly abyss was starving, for the lives of men,
Enticing them invariably, it would always lure them in.

"How many will it take" I scream, "before you're satisfied,
"Do you realize how many, lonely tears I've cried?"
Then I sensed another presence, suspended by the pit,
Although, I had the urge to hide, I wanted to rush to it.

Emerging out of no where, like a magnet I was drawn,
Another chained, abandoned heart, so much like my own!
As if searching in a mirror, I observe a cognate being,
A lifetime running parallel, filled with ravaged feeling.

"How long have you been here?" I need not speak to be heard,
Like some universal union, your heart hears every word.
"What is our connection, why did our souls traverse?"
Two guardians of this vast abyss, that share this dreaded curse!

I move cautiously near you, I feel the things you feel,
No longer truly certain if this is fantasy or real,
I can not in this darkness, discern your face or eyes,
I nervously, intensely wait, for your heart felt replies.

Awaiting in patient silence...

Part II: Alan's Ballad-to index

With silent memories haunting, of the way I used to be,
I felt a distant yearning, of a spirit breaking free.
Not knowing of the future, and shackled by the past,
A heart in search of answers, to questions often asked.

I sensed a soul connected, to the burning coals of loss,
An emptiness within her, where her restless memories tossed.
Beyond my sense of reason, beyond the things I knew,
I glimpsed a new reality, which offered not a clue.

For every dream I dared to dream, and every life I held
Was quietly taken from my grasp, I heard the tolling bells.
The darkness, soft and hungry, the thief within the night,
Its mouth a black abyss, its eyes devoid of sight.

No reason for its hunger, no justice for its choice,
It chose reluctant victims, I heard their final voice.
They called to me in visions, they reached for me in dreams,
"Come here and feel the sadness, come join us in our screams"

Their lives were left forsaken, in the claws of sudden death,
I felt their sad lamenting as they drew their final breath.
I looked into the darkness, the abyss grinning wide,
Its smile an empty promise, of a better world inside.

I often stopped to wonder, should I take that final step,
To join the souls I mourned for, held tightly in its depth.
I screamed into the silence, my words a desperate call
"What do you want from me? Why must I lose you all?"

I stepped into its craving, suspended helplessly,
For every soul I cared for was waiting there for me.
There seemed to be no reason, for the pain I had to feel,
So I offered up my future for the past that seemed too real.

But there within the darkness, I glimpsed a golden chord,
It stretched to kiss the heavens, it seemed to touch the stars.
I sensed a distant presence, calling out to me,
"I've been within that darkness, there's nothing there to see".

"Hold tight the cord of freedom, it leads us to the light,
The past can hold no answers to the questions of the night"
"There's something waiting for you somewhere, you'll find it in your time,
Your heart's a lonely prison, when your soul commits no crime."

"There are reasons for your sadness, there are truths you've yet to see,
You're here to guard the abyss, but beyond you'll find your dreams."
I reached to touch the glowing cord, then felt another hand.
And in that vicious nightmare, I began to understand.

Another soul was waiting, another heart was free,
Released by fate not understood, she held on tight to me.
She'd traveled through the darkness, connected with my fears,
I felt her softly tremble, I sensed her salty tears.

Suspended by the golden cord, our weakness overcome,
We felt a strange vibration, a soft and gentle hum.
Above us glowed the future, below us was the past.
The answers kept their silence to the questions we had asked.

Patience grows thin in the darkness...

Part III: Limbo-to index

With hunger growing brutally and a longing dark as doom,
Savagely it looked around for someone to consume.
The abyss began to quiver, it shook with turbulent might,
Expanding at tremendous speed to devour all in sight.

Time stood still for what appeared, an eternal length of time,
Two souls suspended in obscure limbo, with no reason or rhyme.
Trembling, frightened, anxious, they remembered all they lost,
Searching for an explanation on why their paths have crossed.

"I've dwelled here all my life" she voiced, "lost in time and space"
"I did not know another, was conscious of this place!"
"I've groped within this dismal abode, have probed each nook and niche,
Have cried so many ravaged tears, in this darkness black as pitch."

"I have learned to function in this world, always misunderstood,"
"Enduring empty camaraderie with others, when I could."
"Don't get me wrong, I've had my loves, to please the physical senses,"
"But rarely do I meet someone who does not have pretenses!"

"I've perceived so many others, journey through this gloomy place."
"I've felt their pain and suffering, their sadness, their disgrace."
"Their souls were sealed in torment, their heart's in full discord,"
"There was no star connected to their severed cord!"
As lightly as a whispering, exhaled delicately in an ear,
"I have too," he explained with perplexed and mounting fear,
With questions running through their minds, no answers to be found,
The reflected souls clung to each other, not knowing where they're bound.

The abyss, moaned in affliction, a confirmation of defeat,
It could not hold them in its grasp, now that they chanced to meet,
But was it random circumstance? Or was it preordained?
Whatever could this friendship hold? What is there to be gained?

Twin spirits born in the abstruse abyss, at the exact same instant,
Experiencing analogous lives, feelings, thoughts and temperament
So many veiled mysteries, beseeching to be resolved,
Excruciating inquiry on why, their souls harmonically evolved.

Hanging in silent nirvana, they opened their hearts and minds,
And waited for the answers, they obviously needed to find,
They looked up to the distant star, where the golden cord connected,
And collectively they realized, they had always been protected.

The golden cord began to glow, the hum intensified,
Shades of black now turned to gray, as they pierced the other side.
Teetering on the threshold, betwixt the darkness and the light,
Vacillating amidst contrasting worlds, would bring them to new heights.

In quiet contemplation. . .

Part IV: Voices-to index

But in a deeper darkness, where colors fade to fear,
They heard tormented voices, and strained their minds to hear.
"What light shines forth above this distant prison where we dwell?"
"Though life may be eternal, must death be so as well?"

"We linger in these caverns, full of near forgotten souls,"
"Though fate has trapped our bodies, our spirit forces flow."
"We beg of you to gather all the powers of your heart,"
"And forge a link to save us before the memories part."

"You hold the keys of friendship that brought you to this place,"
"Unlock your soft remembrance of the death we had to face."
"Fear not forsaken memories, and shed no mournful tear,"
"Our spirits can go with you, you cannot leave us here."

"The two of you together can create a force of light,"
"To shine on memories captured in time's unending flight."
"Despite our tearful parting as our souls were laid to rest,"
"The friendship held so sacred, can survive the storms of death."

"And something can be gained, from everything you lost,"
"The price seems hard to pay but it's worth its final cost."
"So hold our memories tightly as you climb towards the light,"
"May our spirit travel with you, though hidden from your sight."

In quiet contemplation, they considered what they heard,
The voices in the abyss, they devoured every word.
The cord glowed even brighter as they heard that distant call,
And within these souls connected, they reflected on it all.

They felt a deep connection, between what was and could have been,
And sensed the strength of friendship growing stronger from within.
Though life held many questions, seems that death held even more,
These twins of different mothers, found a force not felt before.

And then in silent wonder, their souls became as one,
The sudden insight struck them, a journey had begun.
The separate paths they'd traveled were never far apart,
And fate had led them forward, in search of coupled hearts.

To share this warm coherence, held in hands of destiny,
Could be the fateful answer that set the spirits free.
To save those souls from darkness, and bring them to the light,
Became their sole intention as they readied for the fight.

Suspended far from heaven, above their common hell,
The abyss had lost its power over all that it had held.
Those voices from the darkness had stroked the golden cord,
They felt their passion strengthened by those gently spoken words.

Turn to face the light...

Part V: A New World-to index

With the voices etched in memory, and engraved within their hearts,
They examined the ashen sandbar which divides the worlds apart.
It was imprinted with many footsteps of others entering through,
But counting pairs that were leading out, they could find only two.

"These belong to us," he had said, motioning towards the sand,
"The only footsteps heading out, of this forsaken land!"
"I see the others," she replied, "once inside, they can't get out,"
"Not used to being in this world, They could not find a route."

"But you and I have crossed this path, with much perpetuation,
Between these worlds we've alternated in unceasing continuation."
"We know the tangible light above, with promise of acquired hope
We know how black, the dark can get, and have somehow learned to cope."

Behind them stretched the darkness, where they knew they would return,
But for now there were some answers that they needed to learn.
The twins stood in the twilight, between the dusk and dawn,
Then stepped out in the sunshine, onto a plush, green lawn.

All the colors were brightly vivid, the brilliance so intense.
This was not the world they used to know, this did not make any sense.
The new realm was so unlike, what they were accustomed to seeing,
They rubbed their eyes in disbelief, experiencing the feeling.

Music played in symphony, with each verse so crystal-clear,
The songs of angels from above, never heard by human ear.
The fragrance of the flowers, so heavenly, sweet, and light,
Like the taste of honey on ones lips, meant explicitly for delight.

Up ahead they viewed a waterfall, with adjacent mountains rising,
The mists of water, swirling up, towards a sapphire horizon.
Appearing now behind the falls, so dazzling and blazing,
Stood a figure, full of love, with eyes so wisely gazing.

With a voice as loud as thunder, yet he made no audible sound,
Embracing one another, the twins fell to the ground.
"The time has come" he told them, "Combined you have the power,"
"I have brought you two together, to be a guiding tower."

He looked at us so tenderly, and gently took our hand,
He reached inside our human minds, so we would understand.
"Like an innocent infant, in the process of its release,"
"It advances down the dark canal, believing pressures will not cease,"

"Yet once born, and in the light, it gives a glorious cry,"
"Learning it was granted life, and not destined to die."
"Do you see this analogy, of your symbolic source,"
"The abyss is just a passageway, for souls to take their course."

"The souls you mourn within the dark, are safe within my palace,"
"I have exchanged the burdens that they bore, with a silver chalice."
"The kismet I have handed you, as guardians of the rift,"
"Was not intended for chastisement, it is a divine gift!"

"Although its dark in limbo, there exists many sanctifications,"
"Your given depth and knowledge filled with higher sensations,"
"You've been purified with fire, have felt the physical pains,"
"Now, let me softly cleanse you, with my sacred rains."

The moment that he spoke those words, a cleansing shower fell,
Drops so fierce and salty, ones we recognized so well.
Every tear we ever shed, teemed from the reverent skies,
It bathed our naked bodies, as it uncovered our inner eyes.

"With cord linked to the heavens, now be the guiding lights"
"Do not give up upon your dreams, when in the abysmal nights"
"Now go your way, and don't return, until I call you home,"
"I have given you each other so you will not be alone."

With reverence in our hearts. . .

Part VI: A Journey Clear-to index

And in that fateful moment, embracing every word,
They held each other tightly, enthralled by all they heard.
The vision faded slowly, encompassed by the mist,
To leave behind a sense of joy of life's forgotten bliss.

The golden sun shone brightly, reflecting from their eyes,
Then a glowing rainbow curved, across the sapphire skies.
Beneath this ethereal arch, they rose up from their knees,
Suffused with wisdom gained, to solve the mysteries.

An awesome sense of wonder, pervasive in its depth,
Enveloped the twins in silence, they bowed their heads and wept.
Not fully understanding why chosen for their fate,
But still their path was lucid, these guardians of the gate.

Cleansed by the tears of heaven, they turned to trace their steps,
The abyss yawned to greet them, they descended in its depth.
No fear ensconced within them, their purpose tightly grasped,
The darkness rose to meet them, the golden cord held fast.

"We've come to take the essence of the friendships that we've known,"
"To spread the deep convictions, that others must be shown."
"To pave your path to freedom, to make the journey clear,"
"We come to take you with us, you'll not be abandoned here."

"Your spirits travels with us, wherever we may go,"
"You'll fertilize the open soil, of friendships yet to grow."
"Your lives have served a purpose, now we can finally see,"
"You've given us the seeds, now we can plant the trees."

"And we can build a forest, a symbol on this earth,"
"In memory of your presence, an icon of re-birth."
"Your soulful, gentle memories, were held within our hearts,"
"And there they shall remain, 'till death shall do us part."

These words they spoke in tandem, two voices joined as one,
The restless souls below them, by comfort overcome.
The darkness glowed with reason, retreating from the light,
The twins stood fast together, their hands held ever tight.

They felt their hearts in rhythm, their souls became their swords,
And every clinging sorrow was severed by their words.
The rainbow in the distance, grew brighter in their sight,
Its luminescent splendor became their guiding light.

And every color spoke to them, of every friend they lost,
The passions and the promises, their composite memories tossed.
From each they gained an insight into the thoughts within,
And held each memory closely to feel them once again.

These separate bonds of friendship, combined to give them strength,
The golden cord slipped further, miraculously gaining length.
It stretched into the abyss, they felt the tugs below,
The spirits reaching outward, to clutch its golden glow.

Then when at last it seemed that every memory held its place,
The cord began to rise again with smooth and soundless grace.
The abyss surrendered quietly, enraptured by the might
That held its captive spirits relentlessly pulling them to the light.

The lives conjoined within the dark, held covenants close to heart,
To others they would share their wealth, with knowledge to impart.
To feel that special moment when warmth is held within,
To know the certain instance when they'd found another friend.

To spread this light of consciousness, became the moral task,
To have the heartfelt answers to the questions they'd be asked.
In stillness of serenity, to speak with conscience clear,
And in their silent lucidity, to vanquish every fear.

Friendship conquers all...

Part VII: Quiet Tranquility-to index

All voices now were silenced, those released, went toward the light,
Alone now in the dimness, they held each other tight.
On the left side they could see the earth, on the right laid the abyss,
They brushed their lips together in a soft and gentle kiss.

Their eyes like lucid pools, filled emotionally with tears,
They wondered how they missed each other, throughout the lonely years,
Their hearts began to flutter, as soft as angel's wings,
And without speaking a single word, they spoke of many things.

The cord encoiled around them, they no longer had a choice,
They looked into each others eyes, there were no more words to voice.
And in the flickering golden light, a distant memory played,
Like glimpses of old photographs, yellowed, edges frayed.

Had they been together in a different time and place?
A shrouded, veiled dimension, void of time and space?
Far off in the distance, They could hear a distant, distinct sound,
Reminding them inherently, of their visit to sacred ground.
Drifting in their private world, apart from all the others,
They reflected on the parallels of dreams entwined together.
While existing in the physical sphere, their paths had never crossed,
Yet deep within elysian fields, their bonds were never lost.

These thoughts they thought with oneness, at the exact same moment,
But what precisely all this meant, neither one could comment,
Too many possibilities, within this friendship from beyond,
They had a vague and fleeting memory of a cabin, by a pond.

With this cognate mutual vision, they drifted off to peaceful sleep,
And when living within the earthly world, This memory they would keep.
Sometime during their slumber, they sailed on waves of an ocean, blue,
To see where all this would take them, and what next they were to do.

Resting in tranquil quietude...

Part VIII: The Voyage-to index

Their dreams became their vessel, the water smooth and clear,
The past became the present as the memories drew so near
Of paths they'd walked together, though feeling so alone,
In search of veiled discoveries, their dreams had led them on.
Through speckled skies of azure, they hovered in the air,
With soft and heightened vision, this now enraptured pair
Looked down upon a pathway in a valley far below,
Embraced by wooded mountains, with peaks of sparkling snow.

Two beings walked in solitude, and neither were aware
Or conscious of the other, who also traveled there.
But in their deepest essence, they felt their souls were led,
Towards a certain destiny which lay not far ahead.

With a growing sense of wonder, a chance they had to take,
They came into a clearing, beside a shimmering lake.
The ripples quietly flowing beneath a towering falls,
And on this lake an island sat oblivious to it all.

A cabin sat in silence on the dancing emerald grass,
As if it held all knowledge of what soon would come to pass.
The beings rested briefly, held in awe of nature's force.
But something urged them onward, to explore the mystic source.

One spirit born of water, the other formed from earth,
Two souls held tight together by a golden cord at birth.
One walked towards the waterfall, to find her answer there,
The other to the cabin, with a heart in deep despair.

And in this magic moment, an awareness came to be,
Their eyes were freed of blindness, they saw all there was to see.
Apart but still together in a deep and sensuous way,
They finally found each other in their separate passion plays.

Two bodies never visualized or felt within the flesh,
But still their souls were joined as one, there dreams became enmeshed.
One lay within the cabin with his love a raging fire,
The other by the lakeside wrapped in blankets of desire.

And in their breathless moment of release from earthly bonds,
Their eyes beheld each other in the infinite beyond.
The twins held fast their cord above, their souls in dreams below,
Then time became a passageway to all they had to know.

The moment softly lingered there, their distant worlds combined,
Perchance to offer glimpses of the truths they'd yet to find.
And as they came together, both below and far above,
Their cries were heard in heaven, of this transcendental love.

In distant dreams encountered...

Part IX: A Key to the Mystery-to index

Then a voice from far above, with knowledge to impart,
Responded to their ardent cries, deep within their hearts,
"Do you assume the world in which you live, is the sole reality?"
Or is true consciousness hidden from your mortal eyes, in obscurity?"

"Do you know in human form, and the Earth where you abide,
Is precisely a reflection of your souls life, on this side?"
"Everything you do and feel, your passions, lusts, desires,
Your souls life walks in parallel, yet raised an octave higher."

"Everything within this world, stands as a material analogy,
Of things encompassed in your soul, to set your spirits free."
"Now hold onto each other, and remember all you've seen and done,
And here within the heavens I will count your souls as one."

"Those you meet, and those you love, will sense your golden light,
And with faith and new awareness, all things will turn out right."
"I give you now this ordained key, so you may see and understand,
The nature of the dreams you've shared, hid from the sight of man."

And with those words the voice fell silent, and like a blustering wind,
We felt a sudden stirring, advancing from senses buried within,
The golden cord wound even tighter, around the impassioned pair,
Then miraculously changed to solid gold, forever sealing them there.

Then all three planes inside of them, temporal, emotional, and divine,
Composited themselves together, and ingrained within their mind.
And while voyaging on the mirrored earth, those they know and love,
Will be absorbed and become as one with the light cast from above.

For now, they journey on distant paths in the physical domain,
But with the key they now possess, they can always return again.
Their souls can meet on sacred ground, to merge and give them might
So they can stand as beacons to those drawn into the abysmal night.

The cabin by the crystal pond, with the cascade freely flowing,
Held its remaining mysteries sullenly, the embers inside glowing.
The island in the distance, although previously ignored.
Like Atlantis, started rising with other paradoxical secrets stored.

Holding tightly to all they've learned...

Part X: Seeds Of Destiny-to index

Beyond today's horizon lie the seeds of destiny,
The future deep within the soil, of what was meant to be.
The past a closing chapter in the open books of fate,
Between the two the island rose, a gleaming earthen gate.

Where past and future merge as one, connecting strands of time,
The twins a silent witness to the birth of hope divine.
A perfect verdant circle, like an emerald paradise,
Pushing back the crystal waters that reflected in their eyes.

It seemed to softly call them to explore the hallowed ground,
With promises of answers to the questions that abound.
The water calmly lapping at the ground beneath their feet,
While a presence urged them onward to a fate they'd yet to meet.

They stepped into the coolness of the peaceful flowing waves,
Baptized by newfound wisdom, as their coupled souls were saved.
They swam towards the distant shore, renewed by passions shared,
And currents of redemption were the guides that led them there.

The beating of their hearts in perfect rhythm to the flow,
Bore them gracefully to Eden, and the things they had to know.
Then standing on the shore of this enchanted emerald isle,
The sun reached out to warm them with its brilliant beaming smile.

The beauty there before them nearly took their breath away,
A breeze caressed the garden where their dreams had come to play.
The grass beneath their feet, a silky carpet on the earth,
It swayed in silent rhythm to their souls evolving birth.

A forest stood before them, reaching up to touch the skies,
Bonding nature, earth, and heaven in their wide enraptured eyes.
The whisper of the trees embraced their souls in deep content,
As their minds were filled with questions for their fate's obscure intents.

They absorbed the stirring wonder of the splendor born of love,
And the cord grew ever tighter 'round the souls who dwelt above.
When they bowed their heads together in a softly spoken prayer,
A book appeared before them, bound in gold and resting there.

The cover opened slowly to a tranquil glowing page,
And the words were like an omen of the battles yet to wage.
The whispers from the forest joined to form a deeper voice,
And the book began to speak to them as they listened without choice.

"To the West there lies a garden tilled with tears of distant pasts,
Where the Abyss held the souls of every death that came to pass.
There the dying rays of sunsets cast their shadows at the start,
But the flowers of the love you found are abundant in your heart."

"Every blossom lends its color to the rainbow of your souls,
And it stretches to the East where you will see the colors flow.
You released the love encompassed by the memory of your friends,
Though their mortal lives were taken, their purpose shall not end."

"As you look towards the Eastern sky, where every day must dawn,
You will see a new horizon, and another dream will spawn.
There is fertile ground to cultivate with seeds of love you've shared,
And that soil is yet unbroken but you'll plant those seeds with care."

"Every life holds secret treasures, and you have the power true,
To expose your inner wisdom to the many and the few.
You will plant the seeds of comfort that will lead them to the light,
So that they may see the colors that were hidden from their sight."

"Now the task that lies before you is the reason you are here,
You were meant to be the gardeners and there's nothing left to fear.
Every tear you shed in sadness and every lesson learned,
Served to spin a golden thread around the love you had to earn."

"But the riches of your knowledge wasn't meant for you alone,
There are others who can profit, and you have to bring them home.
You have traveled many pathways, you have suffered but you live,
Now your journey leads you here, and there is much you have to give."

Then the voices of the forest turned to whispers of the wind,
And the covers of the book were sealed by threads of gold again.
As it faded from their vision they knelt slowly to the ground,
Overcome by all they'd seen but still inspired by all they'd found.

Then they held each other tightly as the sun traversed the sky,
Leaving shadows to caress them in their newfound paradise.
When the darkness fell upon them and the stars were points of light,
Their eyes were closed in solace as they dreamed on through the night.

To sleep, perchance to dream...

Part XI: The Awakening-to index

When daybreak came to greet them as the sun cut through the trees,
It cast heavenly rays upon the isle, warming the dawning breeze.
The gentle waves lapped at the coast, a soothing, peaceful sound,
The sands sparkled and shimmered, with diamond dust abound.

On the far-off distant setting, beyond the tranquil cerulean sea,
The cabin nestled by the waterfall, a worshipped memory,
The mountains rose behind it, penetrating the stratosphere,
Established as a staunch barrier, from everything they fear.

The forest on the island, where the trees and foliage thrive,
Slowly and miraculously seemed to come alive.
In the rustle of the wind-blown leaves, the birds sang with acclaim,
In harmonious accord, pleased these souls have came.

The flowers in the meadow, rapt in their resplendent dance,
In their peak of ecstasy, released their sweetened fragrance,
The luscious, pure aroma, spread out to touch their senses,
The twins slowly awakened, liberated from all pretenses.

With their internal eyes now opened, inside this radiant new domain,
She deliberately gazed upon her twin, for the very first time,
His hair was dark and fairly thick, his semblance pleasantly refined,
His eyes distinct and deeply set, stirring memories in her mind.

Reaching out, she touched his face, then lightly brushed his lips,
Authenticating some symbolic truth, with her trembling fingertips.
With a smile, so ever-knowing, he softly took her hand,
And fastened his liquid eyes upon hers, to make her understand.

"You must learn to be patient and to reflect on all we've learned,"
"Don't always question why things are, and don't be so concerned."
"Your impatient mind while trying, to intellectually perceive,"
"Will only serve to undermine, what we now know and believe."

As he spoke these words to her, his eyes grew more profound,
Reminding her that they were standing upon reverential ground.
Then hand and hand they made their way to the jeweled beach,
And thought of all the lonely souls that they would have to teach.

Did they have the implements, were they realistically geared?
Then in the equidistant of the water, a white-capped crest appeared,
A dolphin hurdled into the air, then fell back into the sea,
Then leapt again, and suspended in space, defied gravity.

The twins stared in astonishment, as they marveled at the display,
Then the celestial dolphin dropped, and slowly swam away.
"We must head to the East," she said, as they rambled towards the field,
"For only there can pure love flow and all life's pains be healed."

As they traversed the meadow, the colored flowers eased their plight,
They gradually changed from ruby red, to pink, and then, to white.
Beyond that patch of milky white, the sunlight seemed to flare,
Dispersing golden, elaborate sparks, unhindered in the air.

The dolphins voice called out to them, from somewhere up ahead,
"Come and see your destiny, for which you both were led."
Departing from the meadow, they stepped into the golden sparks of light,
And stood before an ornate gate, where their gold cord was fastened tight.

Born into a heightened reality...

Part XII: Beyond The Gate-to index

The keys that they'd been given, turned smoothly in the locks,
Vibrating in their trembling hands, like mild electric shocks.
The portal swinging inward, their cord pulled ever tight,
To draw the twins beyond the gate, into a shimmering light.

It bathed them with an aura, a luminescent glow,
Caressing all their senses, with its deep and sensuous flow.
Their eyes met for an instant, wide in wonderment and awe,
Entranced by love and wisdom, from everything they saw.

The ground beneath them quivered, deeply hidden in a cloud
Which swirled around their ankles like a vaporous cotton shroud.
Then each of them were shaken from their silent reverie,
By the sound of distant bells which tolled in perfect harmony.

They advanced to heed the tolling as the gate swung closed behind,
With hands clasped fast together, there was solace yet to find.
They surrendered to the magic of the peace their souls embraced,
Still intent to solve the mystery of the fate they chose to face.

Appearing there before them stood a mirror to the past,
And every path they'd traveled was reflected in the glass.
The Abyss in the distance, with its dark and fearsome jaws,
And the sandbar where they saw the footsteps leading from its claws.

The valley in the mountains, where their separate paths were tread,
All alone but still together, joined by strongly woven threads.
The cabin by the lakeside where their mortal needs were filled,
And the waterfall that spoke of painful memories to be healed.

The island and the forest, which had brought them to their task,
And gave them solemn answers to the questions they had asked.
And then at last the garden, that stood ready for the seeds,
Which they were asked to plant there to fulfill their soulful needs.

The mirror seemed to shimmer as the past became a blur,
Like mercury in a crystal glass, or dreams that reoccur.
It turned into a window, with a clear and sparkling sheen,
As they looked into the future and to what it all could mean.

There were many trails and pathways through a forest ever wide,
And each contained a being, all alone but side by side.
And every single traveler seemed to have an aura bright,
With golden strands extending to the others not in sight.

Like fireflies in the distance, as they fluttered in the breeze,
As if they longed to join as one, to put their souls at ease.
They searched for distant answers like the twins that came before
But stumbled in the darkness with their mournful cries ignored.

The paths were intersecting, like the vessels of the heart,
At times the souls would meet, then they drifted far apart.
The tendrils of their aura's never seemed to form a bond,
So on they walked in silence, as their journeys led them on.

A catalyst was needed to enjoin those golden threads,
To weave a golden pillow where their souls could rest their heads.
For then perhaps they'd find connected dreams within the night,
To end their lonely travels through their solitary plights.

The twins looked on in sadness at the pain they'd known before,
Familiar in its content, and what it held in store.
And then a final question touched their sympathetic souls,
How could they find the seeds to plant a garden that would grow?

Friendship weaves the threads of separate hearts...

Part XIII: Instructions-to index

The gate released a soothing sound then quietly opened wide,
They felt their bonds pull tighter, as they were gently led outside,
The sparks flew all around them, and the entrance closed and sealed,
They felt so fresh and new again, as life's pains slowly healed.

Their faces glowed with wondrous light, that came from deep inside,
A forceful, seductive passion, liberated of conceit and pride,
Then somewhere down within there loins, they felt a pyre rise,
That surged up through their bodies, and shimmered within their eyes.

And in that enchanting moment, their eyes became as one,
And golden light shot from them, luminous like the sun,
With strong and heightened senses, they walked back to the shore,
They knew that they had to return, to where they were before.

The dolphin rose to greet them, as they stepped into the sea,
And escorted them to the distant shore, where they were meant to be,
Emerging from the water, the dolphin turned to depart,
Then placed a special message, resolutely in their hearts.

"Do not go and seek the souls, that is not what you should do,"
"Wait here by the cabin, and I'll deliver them to you,"
"Rest peacefully by the lakeside, stay calm and they'll draw near,"
"One by one I'll send them, so you can wipe away their tears,"

"The seeds that you're in search of, are the words that you will speak,"
"And I will tell you what to say, to restore those who are weak,"
"Their hearts will be the soil, their tears will be the rain,"
"The guidance that you give to them, will not be done in vain."

"But know that some will fly away, making you feel rejected,"
"And malignantly loathe and drain you, leaving you dejected,"
"Keep in mind throughout these times, you've done what you could do,"
"And know that by deserting you, they are turning from me too."

"But the other seeds will sprout up, although you may never see,"
"And quietly point them to their fates, and their own destiny,"
"Their awareness then will increase, and their faith it will take flight,"
"Enabling them to finally merge with the universal light."

"Then as above, so be below, another soul they'll meet,"
"Their golden cord will strengthen, with love forever sweet,"
"Then they can be a beacon as they approach the gate,"
"And also become gardeners to lead others to their fate."

The sea began to shimmer, as it reflected each sun ray,
And once again the dolphin dove, and exquisitely swam away,
The twins turned from the water to observe their distinct world,
While assimilating every marvel that had recently occurred.

Their focus fell upon the scene, they perceived that things had changed,
Nothing exceptionally drastic, some things were re-arranged,
A river coursed from the waterfall, leading to the ethereal sea,
A delicate, white blanket spread out, by the bank, under a tree.

A blinding light encompassed, the water as it poured out,
A continuous sacred reminder to lighten all shades of doubt,
The mountains in the backdrop, were now scattered with flourishing trees,
While thousands of elegant butterflies fluttered in the breeze.

The grass around the cabin, turned a deeper shade of emerald green,
Embracing tiny, scattered blossoms, colors they had never seen,
Then at the same moment, they noticed the cabin door, open wide,
Ready to bestow more clarification of the mysteries stored inside.

All circles become complete. . .

Part XIV: Through The Portal-to index

Approaching with a purpose understood but not achieved,
To gather strength and courage for their destiny perceived,
They walked towards the doorway quietly contemplating more
That they were yet to find beyond the silent open door.

A fire within the cabin flickered colors orange and red,
The flame of dreams encountered on the paths that they had tread.
With arm in arm they entered to the realm of dreams within,
To find a gentle comfort that would hold them once again.

The warmth reached out to touch them as it bathed them in its glow,
With memories of a night they shared not very long ago.
With eyes on fire from passions spent one dark and lonely night,
They fanned the flames of remembrance in the embers glowing light.

A moment shared in rapture as their souls were joined as one,
The consummated marriage of the twins that they'd become.
Though born of different mothers in the mortal earthly plane,
Their souls had been forever joined together just the same.

As forces flowed between them, thoughts unspoken could be heard,
And each could hear the other speaking softly without words.
"This cabin in the forest is the haven of our souls,
A place of rest and comfort that awaits our cherished goals."

"The destiny discovered through the twisted strands of fate,
Has led us through the portal for the future that awaits.
The dreams and visions shared throughout the mysteries of time,
Are safe within these walls like captured rhythms held in rhyme."

"The others soon to follow in our footsteps left behind,
Will seek the solace gathered here that we were blessed to find.
They'll come in search of meaning for their solitary needs,
To find the force of friendship that can heal the heart that bleeds."

"This cabin holds the secrets and within it we may dwell,
To guide the souls entrapped within their dark and private hell.
We freed our friends remembered from the Abyss of the past,
And here the future calls to others slipping from its grasp."

"A beacon in the darkness, shedding light that they might see,
And every step they take could be the one that sets them free
To walk amongst the flowers in the garden of content,
A bell will toll as witness to the death of hope's lament."

"And every seed we plant can hold the promise of rebirth,
To those who walk alone along their paths upon the earth.
Together we can conquer all the fears of those who feel
That life can be much more than what has so far been revealed."

"Beyond the far horizons of the future yet unknown,
Where angels sing of love and promise riches to be shown,
We'll hold this hallowed ground to be the soil of dreams untold,
And feel the force of wonder as the angel's wings unfold."

"To gather all the chosen for the task that lies ahead,
And find the strength of purpose that infused the life we've led.
We'll stand for what we feel to be the reason we are here,
Together, side by side, eternal guides with conscience clear."

Then with a soft awareness of their mortal soul's desire,
Their hands clasped tight together, they approached the radiant fire.
A sensual vibration touched their bodies in the night,
They held each other closer as their passions joined in flight.

Like symbiotic mates they felt their senses overcome,
Their hearts in perfect cadence as the beats became as one.
With whispered words of pleasure they lay down in quiet repose,
Their bodies locked together as another circle closed.

The flames had turned to embers glowing softly with their sighs,
They saw the coals reflected in each others gleaming eyes.
And as the moment lingered they were freed from earthly bonds,
To find their sweet release amongst the pleasures far beyond.

Harmonic rhythms taking flight...

Part XV: The White Rose-to index

They closed their eyes and peacefully, drifted off to sleep,
Safe within the cabin's walls, where love can't ebb and neap,
Where they can go when earthly hurts, pierce upon their hearts,
When demons ride and negative thoughts try to pull them apart.

Where lowered forms of earthly passions can not enter in,
Where pure and honest, enhanced love, renews the heart again.
Where they can gain the strength they need, to be the guiding light,
To forge a path for others, with love forever bright.

When they awoke the cabin was infused with blinding glare,
And unafraid they looked around to see just what was there,
The roses on the table, had turned a clearer shade of red,
As a single white rose poised itself, right above there heads.

She reached out and took hold of it, and pressed it to her nose,
Its scent so sweet and honeyed, like no other rose,
With loving eyes locked upon his, she kissed the petal tips,
Then sensuously placed the rose upon his trembling lips.

They felt their bodies vibrate, like a force not known before,
And sensed a new perception, as they saw yet another door.
The light within the fireplace, took on a different type of glow,
Three flames combined within one blaze, blue and gold and rose.

The embers that were lying there, underneath the pyre,
Transmuted into crystal, from the strength of this new fire,
Each flame a burning symbol of persistence, serenity, and love,
Combined they cast a pure white light, that matched the light above.

The new doorway they had noticed, generously opened wide,
Summoning them and leading them to take a step outside,
The flames within the fireplace reached out and touched their cord,
They felt a heightened sensation as their impassioned spirits soared.

Stepping from the cabin, into the bright realm,
They felt a sudden quietness, a warm and loving calm,
The mountains rose before them, covered with the trees,
The grass that wrapped around their feet, now came up to their knees.

The blanket that sat on the ground, it was no longer there,
Miraculously it had been placed, in the cabin with care,
The light no longer rested to the left of the waterfall,
It encompassed the entire sky, bestowing warmth on all.

The waterfall, so gently flowed into the sacred lake,
Offering a constant flow, of which they could partake.
Two cups sat upon the rock, gold goblets so ornate,
Their names embossed upon them, another gift of fate.

The gentle breeze was blowing, bright light all around,
They held each other tightly, and did not make a sound,
They each inhaled deeply, a cleansing, wholesome breath,
As each last fear and uneasiness faced its final death.

Taking their cups into their hands, they dipped them in the lake,
And drank the waters thirstily, making the conclusive break,
From every ounce of darkness, that permeated in their soul,
And any lingering memories of the dark abysmal hole.

Walking in the Light. . .

Part XVI: Wanderers Of Fate-to index

With waters of the crystal lake still lingering on their lips,
They brushed each other's faces with their trembling fingertips.
Their gentle hearts enraptured by the oneness of their souls,
Suffused by deeper wisdom, yet still so much to know.

Encircled by the forest with its towering stance of trees,
With whispers from the woodlands carried on the morning breeze,
They walked along the lakeside, with a growing sense of awe,
Absorbing the force of nature that pervaded all they saw.

Majestic in its beauty, they had found their paradise,
But deeper symbolism's seemed to open inner eyes.
And with this new found vision they perceived a world enhanced,
By fundamental purpose that defined their spiritual dance.

The ground beneath their feet was fertile soil of friendship found,
It formed a firm foundation for the growth of love unbound.
It held the roots of brotherhood, beneath its earthen grasp,
Providing vital nourishment to the flowers, trees and grass.

Each blade of grass was similar yet separate from its mates,
Like all the humans of the earth, in search of separate fates.
Each could stand alone or grow together side by side,
To form a human carpet where the bonds of love abide.

The flowers scattered all around, gave beauty to the earth,
A rainbow hue of colors to rejoice in love's rebirth.
Like special friends amongst the many people that we meet,
Each one a vivid treasure in the wealth of love complete.

The trees are mighty sentinels that join the earth and sky,
Their branches reaching outward to protect the dreams that lie
Beneath their leafy shelter, where we live our lives each day,
With faith and hope and longing for the friends that come our way.

The mountains in the distance represent the dreams we share,
Beyond the near horizons and above our earthly cares.
Reaching to the heavens with the force of souls combined,
Encompassing our visions with the strengths we're sure to find.

They're peaked with frozen snowcaps that reflect the brilliant light,
Like mirrors of the purity that defies our earthly plights.
The goals of hearts encumbered by the rituals of life
Lie there atop the mountains far above our human strife.

And from those peaks of glory came the streams of melting snow,
Which merged to form the rivers that unite within their flow,
With water clear and sacred from the heights of ecstasy,
They meet to make the waterfall the twins were there to see.

The lake was there to hold this purest water ever known,
To quench the thirst of those so blessed to share the dreams as one.
A circle born of nature held within the golden cups,
Which wet the lips of knowledge that infused the twins rebirth.

Seems every path they'd traveled had led them to this place,
Together in their separate lives, enjoined by heaven's grace.
Awaiting those to follow, prepared to meet their fates,
The dreamers of the cabin, the guardians of the gate.

The twins of souls connected, the soil of love's content,
The blades of grass that hold the keys to every heart's lament.
The trees of nature's rapture, the shelter of desires,
The mountains of enlightenment reflecting heaven's fires.

The streams of purest friendship, the waters of the soul,
Baptized by peace and comfort, where celestial rivers flow.
Together there forever, as they had always been,
The twins of nature's conscience, the golden corded friends.

Beyond the souls connected lies the truth of love's desire...

Part XVII: The Apex-to index

As they walked around the crystal lake, they did not have to speak,
Their eyes fell on the melting snow upon the mountain peaks,
The water running down its sides, twinkled in the light,
Reminding them of earthly stars, within Abysmal nights.

Then as they watched with wonderment all the sacred melting snow,
They had an inner impression that there was so much more to know,
Somewhere in the distance they sensed another, near at hand,
With immense verisimilitude, they scrutinized the land,

Standing between them and the mountains, from whence the waters lead
A burnished white clad figure stood, motioning them ahead
An illumine shone from this appearance, a bit fainter then the sun,
They felt an instant drawing, that could not be undone.

His face was bright and hazy, no feature could be made,
Within his light the beauty of the place just seemed to fade,
His essence seemed translucent, yet he was not hard to see,
Neither of the twins could discern who this spirit could be

The figure urged them onward with a crucial waving gesture,
Beckoning them to follow, they experienced a sense of pressure,
Step by step and side by side, with increasing expectancy,
They responded to the compelling call, to see what they could see.

And as they neared the entity, he levitated further towards,
The mountains in the distance, commanding them yet forwards,
Then all at once she stopped and paused, not sure just what to do,
Her twin gently reminded her that all this was nothing new.

"Don't be afraid to face whatever fate may have in store,"
Nervously she locked her eyes upon the cabin door.
Then instantly a potent wind blew, and lifted them above,
And perched them on the mountain as lightly as a dove.

Half way up the mountain, they could see the land below,
Looking up they observed the quickly melting snow,
The water pleasantly bathed their feet as it washed down to the plain,
A mist enwrapped around them, like a purging, cleansing rain.

Following the given course, they deliberately made their ascent,
To view what was beyond the range, to which they had been sent.
They clutched each other firmly, so neither one would stumble,
And felt that familiar vibration and heard a thunderous rumble.

As they came to the mountain top, the mist had cleared away,
They stood in pure astonishment at the breathtaking display,
Everything that they desired, every dream and care,
Sat peaceably awaiting them, prepared with eloquent flair.

Standing on the mountain peaks, their eyes were open wide,
The veils of the physical world, could no longer hide,
Many of the secrets that were hidden throughout eternity,
The twins instinctively comprehended their bonded destiny.

What lays beyond the mountain range. . .

Part XVIII: Visions Unfurled-to index

A panoramic vision, a vista without end,
Rose up to meet their awestruck gaze, below the bonded twins.
And from these heights of rapture, far above the emerald fields,
They saw their future glowing, a glimpse of fate was then revealed.

Two paths led down the mountain, one led South the other North,
But at the end was comfort, and a stronger sense of worth.
The seeds that they had planted, sprouting gently from the earth,
Reflected in the distance, like a promise of rebirth.

Their task had been completed, as they tread the sacred ground,
And forged a path to friendship, with the love that they had found.
But something else was calling, quiet whispers on the wind,
Urging them to follow, other journeys to begin.

And in that fateful moment, they perceived a solemn truth,
The paths would soon seclude them, in their mortal live's pursuits.
Their eyes locked tight together, as awareness came to light,
How could they stand the sadness, of the coming lonely nights.

The tears welled up inside them, as they tried to understand,
"What purpose does this serve?", their hearts cried out in with strong demand.
"What brought us here together, if our paths were meant to part?"
"How will we fill the vacancy within our bonded hearts?"

No voices soft with wisdom, came to soothe their troubled minds,
But still they understood that there was more they had to find.
The paths would lead to knowledge that they had to find alone,
A love, a life, a destiny, a place to call their own.

The gifts that they'd been given, were ingrained within their soul,
They swam the sea of friendship, and were strengthened by its flow.
The forces of their natures had removed their inner walls,
So they could feel the love within, responding to its calls.

They shared the awesome beauty of a world not known before,
Found all they dared to dream of, but still were given more.
The warmth of love embraced them in a world that seemed so cold,
Pulling them from the Abyss, where so many dreams were sold.

The taste of love's perfection, lingered on their quivering lips,
As they traced each other's tear drops, with their trembling fingertips.
Then with a kiss so gentle, and so little left to say,
They turned away in silence, as they slowly walked away.

He turned towards the South, with head held down to hide his eyes,
The fire within them weakened by the echoes of her cries.
She turned towards the North, her feet much heavier than lead,
With whispers of his sobs like muffled heartbeats in her head.

And then as one, they turned to hold each other once again,
Knowing in their hearts that this could never be the end.
The distance there between them never mattered much before,
And each possessed the key to open up the cabin's door.

The sun was sinking slowly as they sadly turned away,
Its glow a final promise at the ending of the day.
One final glance behind them through the freely flowing tears,
But darkness settled quickly as their faces disappeared.

Their lives had been a mystery, and questions still remained,
But what they feared to lose was still much less than they had gained.
Two souls conceived as one in realms beyond their mortal worlds,
And bound as one forever as their visions came unfurled.

A hope for peace...

Part XIX: Restful Hearts-to index

She stood within the doorway of the flowered, sacred door,
And watched him as he traveled on to yet another shore.
His head bowed down in silence as he made yet one more trip,
With every step, a prayer escaped from their trembling lips.

The golden cord tied tightly around his hopeful heart,
The other end secured to hers, as it was right from the start.
It again began to vibrate as it stretched and seemed to grow,
The cabin and the waterfall bathed in its constant glow.

The road that laid before him wound gently down the hill,
And immediately behind him flowed, a never ending rill,
It filled the path behind him as he slowly made his way,
She wondered at the waters, as they made their grand display.

Then in that given moment she began to realize,
The river ever flowing were the tears from her own eyes.
Each drop a different color, filled with gratitude and delight,
All colors merged together forming water clear and bright.

The stream flowed quick behind him and lightly touched his feet,
A promise of their friendship, so loving, pure and sweet.
A place for his refreshment should he thirst upon his way,
An eternal set reminder of their union, come what may.

Then just as she was turning, to take the northern road,
Something lovely caught her eye, with beauty to behold.
The golden cord connected to their bonded heart and soul,
Ran parallel above the stream, reflecting its hallowed glow.

She stooped to touch the water, its surface calm and still,
And marveled as she noted that the current ran uphill!
Against the laws of physics within the corporal world,
Yet completely natural within, this domain unfurled.

Plunging her hand deeper, into the running brook,
The water below the surface, took a sudden hook,
An ever constant circle, flowing at their feet,
Offering yet another route to make them feel complete.

She moved the water with her hand, to cause a gentle wave,
And knew within that moment that their friendship would be saved.
For when the ripple that she made lapped smoothly at his stride,
He paused and stroked the golden cord amidst the tears they cried.

Two celestial flowings, one of water warm and true,
The other made of golden light, set clearly within view.
The two combined together caused a rainbow to arise,
It sparkled and it glistened, within the azure skies.

Soaring high above the bow, going back and forth,
Never veering from his course, going South, then North,
A crow so large and comely, his wings held high in flight,
His message a reminder of all the words they write.

She headed north, and chuckled, a silent little laugh,
For their worlds were getting closer, The distance cut in half,
No longer miles far apart, their worlds were drawing near,
For only in their lack of faith was there anything to fear.

The golden cord held tightly, the stream mirrored its light,
The rainbow arched upon them, the crow flew with delight.
Their hearts in perfect balance, all held them safe within,
God smiled at the progress of these soulful, bonded twins.

In faith they walk together...

Part XX: In Search of Truth-to index

With hope that he would soon return, to feel her warmth again,
He set out on his fateful path, his back turned to the wind.
So many things he hoped to find, along his chosen way,
Where destiny and fate would merge, to help him through his days.

A world of distant promises, called softly to his heart,
With guarantees of happiness, they surely would impart,
So on he walked along the path in search of distant truths,
Like hearts of gold, and dreams of love forsaken in his youth.

Within a world of emptiness he made himself a place,
Adorned with mortal trappings of a world that had no faith.
Where brothers fought their brothers and regarded them with hate,
Where love could not survive behind the walls that had no gate.

Just lives without redemption in a world without remorse,
Cold, unfeeling, vacant souls, and sometimes even worse,
Where demons stole the hearts of men, to serve them at a feast,
To satisfy the hunger of some evil incarnate beast.

And in his daily struggle just to hold on and survive,
His memories of that distant world were shrouded in his mind.
The truth he sought was not has clear as he had hoped would be,
And chains of deep regret refused to set his spirit free.

Every step he tried to take to seek his heart's delight,
Just served to take him deeper into life's unending plight.
The darkness settled all around, obscuring memories past,
Convincing him that happiness was never meant to last.

There seemed to be no reason for the pain he had to bear,
And no one seemed to notice and no one seemed to care.
So many wasted lives without a purpose or a plan,
No one to share his dreams of love, or hold his trembling hands.

At times within his deepest thoughts, he sometimes heard a voice,
That spoke to him of places where he still could have a choice,
To choose between the world he held in growing hot contempt,
Or chances of another life to soothe his heart's lament.

It came to him in vivid dreams, a vision in the night,
Like memories of another life he'd known but lost from sight,
Where peace and love were waiting for his soul to find its way,
It called to him beyond the night, into the light of day.

Then all at once he made a choice to leave that life behind,
For all the truths he ever knew were those he'd held inside.
Without another thought of all the things he stood to lose,
He made a fateful choice while there was still a chance to choose.

He packed his bags with hope and dreams when it was time to go,
And walked a path through forests deep, in mountains capped with snow,
A rugged trail he walked alone, in search of something more,
Until at last it led him to a simple cabin door.

Then once inside he felt his soul had passed a final test,
Though still alone he knew that he must lay his heart to rest.
Upon a mat, beside a fire, he drifted off to sleep,
With visions of a better world within his dreams so deep.

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She thought about the reasons as she slowly made her way,
Wondering what the night held in the closing of the day.
The sun was almost gone now, just a pinpoint ray of light,
The northern road called out to her, she felt a tinge of fright.

The road led through a forest, blocked and thickly set,
An area she'd seen before and one she'd not forget,
This road would only lead her back from whence she came,
Where neon lights shined brightly to kill a glowing flame.

"I do not want to go" she screamed, face held to the sky,
"I need to know the answers, all the reasons why?"
Then suddenly she found herself lifted in the air,
Speeding ever onward to the forest waiting there.

She entered through the tree tops and then she realized,
No foliage there existed, all greenery had died.
Her fear had left her trembling as she landed on the ground,
Amidst the darkness with the trees encompassed all around.

She sat there for a moment, trying to catch her breath,
The air it smelled of acid, a rotting stench of death.
Her body it felt heavy, wrapped in leather, and in bone,
That was when she realized that she was all alone.

No sunshine blazing in the sky, no rainbow cast its light,
No cabin in the distance, no mountains within sight.
Had she just been dreaming of a world held in God's hand,
Of love, of light, of diamonds, shimmering in the sand?

Her memories quick were fading, as a fog enwrapped her mind,
But left her with a sense of, some dream she'd yet to find.
She slowly looked around her, the trees were stark and bare,
Yet a small glow of shimmering life seemed to be buried there.

So she traveled through this forest, trying to find her way,
Back to the place she came from, back to the light of day.
Touching the stripped tree trunks in hopes that they would see,
The golden light within them, the one to set them free.

Sometimes she would fall asleep, sometimes she would dream,
Sometimes she would see his eyes, so real they would seem,
Within these inner visions he would come and hold her tight,
Erasing all the loneliness she felt within the night.

At other times, she'd find herself laying by his side,
Lovingly caressing him, through ravaged tears he cried.
But wolves lived in this forest who would lie in hungered wait,
Devouring the dreams she held, distracting her from her faith.

So in her waking hours she would run and try to hide,
Keeping everything she knew tucked away inside.
Then just when she was feeling "It don't matter anyway,"
A voice spoke from the heavens "Come, I'll show you the way!"

"There is a place that's waiting, a place that you must see,"
"Where I have called another, to meet his destiny,"
"Every dream you ever held has not been all in vain,"
"He sleeps within a cabin, for your return again!"

"The road which he has traveled was not an easy route,"
"He too held dreams of love and light, and what life was about,"
"He too retained the memory of you within his mind,"
"While searching on a hopeless road of dreams he'd yet to find."

And when the voice fell silent, her clothes were changed to white,
In her hand she found a rose, clenched forever tight,
Approaching now the cabin door, to face her given fate,
She entered in, sat by the fire, to wait for him to wake.

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