About The Cabin

In many cultures the crow is considered a powerful sign. The ancient Chinese thought that the crow signified the isolation of the individual who lives on a superior realm. For some Native Americans, the crow has mystic powers and is the creator of the visible world. There was a similar meaning for the Celts, The Germanic tribes, and the Siberians.

The eye of the crow was thought to be the entrance to the supernatural realms and the inner mysteries of life. The crow was also the bringer of messages from the spirit realm...

I have chosen the crow as the "mascot" for The Cabin. There are thousands upon thousands of websites on the Internet. Many of them are devoted to writing of different types...poetry, short stories, inspirational writings...and all of them have their place and their purpose, whether it be purely for entertainment or for something more. I like to think that The Cabin falls into the "something more" category. What you will find here...and what I hope to achieve...is a large collection of various types of writing intended to instill a sense of peace, friendship, and "universal oneness" for all visitors who traverse this site.

The Cabin does not profess or promote any particular religious affiliation, organized or otherwise. But I DO believe in a higher power...something I like to think of simply as "The Source". And that "Source" lives within us all. I also believe that there are different levels of human awareness...the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual. Through the writings you will find here, I hope to reach the deepest, spiritual level, where I feel "The Source" resides.

Through poetry, which is the literary "music of the soul", short stories, and essays, I believe that it is possible to form links between individuals and cultures that might never otherwise have the chance to meet. Just as there are certain undeniable requirements for the simple physical act of living, such as food and shelter, I also feel that the soul has certain spiritual requirements as well.

Poetry, perhaps more than any other form of writing, comes from the place within us where all of the levels come together as one...on the spiritual plane. The source of our subconscious awareness breaking through to the surface of our conscious life.

Whether or not you believe in any of the above is not as important as the fact that you are here, and have chosen to read these words. That alone is significant in that you are interested enough to spend your valuable time in search of some meaning or purpose to the path that led you here.

And that's really what it's all about isn't it? The individual path we all must tread upon through our lives, occasionally intersecting with others along the way. The path you are on now leads to The Cabin. I am happy and honored to have you as my guest. Enjoy your stay.

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