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Welcome to The Cabin! I sincerely hope that you enjoy your visit here. Please explore each of the rooms and come back often. The Cabin contains a relatively large collection of poems and stories written by myself and a few very good friends. What I hope to do here is to present a pleasant and comfortable environment for you to relax and delve into the recesses of your thoughts and emotions.

Although I no longer accept poetry submissions for the guest rooms, you can critique the work, send comments, feedback, and submit your own thoughts for posting, by using The Cabin's Submission Form. Or you may send an electronic postcard to a friend. You may also visit the Cabin Forum to submit, discuss, or read poetry in a "message board" format.

The words and works contained within are the results of many years of writing and experimenting with verse and prose. I have never considered myself a great poet nor will I be likely to become one in the near future, if ever. But it is something I enjoy doing and will continue to do as long as the thoughts keep flowing. I have been told many times to get some of my stuff published or do SOMETHING to present it to a wider audience. Well, for now, this is what I decided to do. Financial rewards, fame, or recognition were never the goals behind any of my writing. It's just something I do, nothing more, nothing less. And this is the result. The main body of work encompassed by this site is a book called A Different Reality. It represents the "heart" of this site and is a completed work. The other links will take you through various rooms in the cabin, some still growing. Visit often, as many rooms will change over time as well as new ones being added. Please enjoy your stay.

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