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On this page you will find small collections of poems from a "Featured Poet". These are submitted poems which I feel are in keeping with the "spirit" of The Cabin. When provided (and with the poet's permission) I will give you biographical background and/or the inspiration for the poems. If you like what you see here, please or the author e-mail with your comments. Or better yet, submit some of your own poems to be featured on this page.

The following poems were written by Charles L. East.

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All poems ©2000 by Charles L. East

"The Awakening"

There comes…
at times…
an insidious awakening
that stirs my soul to memories,
so faint,
of past strife and death
…and life…
of glories faded, buried,
as though they never were.

I hear the distant drums of war
and the heralding trumpet's muted voices,
and dimly see
a legion of shimmering golden helmets…
their plumes dancing in Sparta's wind.

I feel the blistering sting of cold salt spray
as I behold the failing sun slip quietly
beneath an unforgiving sea.

My life's blood absorbed by the warm sands
of Rome's coliseum…
I am aware
of the fragrance of the Earth
in Flanders field.

There comes…
at times…
an insidious awakening.


"The Cup"

Partake thee not from thy chalice of discontent…
for within its victory…
lies thy defeat.

The taunting specter of bitter recall
comes but to diminish thy soul…
and heralds the vale of tears that blurs thy sight
and causes resolve to fail.

Hence withstand with grace, thy weakened state…
thine defeat is but…
thy doing.


"The Gauntlet"

Forsake thee not thy courage…
for life will lay
the gauntlet of challenge before thee…
as surely as the tides shall ebb
and the winds of time shall encompass thy being.
Adversity and fear pursue thee
to confuse thy step…and destroy thy dreams…
from whence all hope and love is born.

Victory comes but from the strength of thy courage
to admonish the foe that offends thee,
and fate's wanton design shall falter
when destiny's power bows…submissive to thy will.

Forsake thee not thy courage…
lest thou betray thyself unto
the darkness of defeat.


"The Victory"

Fall not with haste upon thy sword…
for within the gripping embrace of malignant despair,
the strength of thy days hath not closed upon thee.
No pain so great should beckon Death
with a single thrust,
nor forsake thy courage to endure…
Lest thy summons be quickly answered.

Courage must thy shield and buckler be
to keep thee steadfast…and guard thee against
the vicious onslaught of life's misfortune.

Gird thyself securely about with the unfailing armor
of strength and hope…
and thy rising with the new dawns light
shall declare…
thy victory.


"Folded Wings"

No more to touch the splendor of the clouds
or lure the relentless Gods of Weather to pursuit
between brilliant shafts of light.

No more to launch my soul to heights untread
and with humility behold
the glory of Creation's universe.

No more to slip unseen through the unforgiving depths
of a silent and bitter cold sky.

Time had made the final approach
and the gift of age was graying hair and failing eye.

Yet the heart still


so well,

within my folded wings.



Let not deception fault thee into realms of despair
nor words, piercing as an arrow, mortally wound thy pride,
I would speak to thee with words of truth.
Therefore, heed them well and engrave them deeply within thine heart.

For I would say of thee…thou art indeed…
In the immense span of time, thy life is as brief
as a butterfly's dream,
and yet…
within that infinite and fleeting burst of light
there were …none ever…such as thee.
Thou art thyself alone…unmirrored…a singular creation
of a creature and soul that is unique unto itself.
Behold thyself once more…and know…
thou art indeed…



Conceal not thy tears in shame…
thy weeping doth not betray thee.

Manhood lies not in feat alone,
nor strength of limb, nor bearing.
If thy tender emotions offend thee
thine manhood is but… an illusion.

Men that stand in silent splendor
and shed the tears of compassion
to support a failing brother or friend,
or to gently hold a tiny child
and through misting eyes…humbly declare
the miracle of creation,
shall come to know
true manhood.

Conceal not thy tears in shame…
thy weeping doth not betray thee,
thou art indeed
a man…among men.


"The Dawning"

I behold the pale light of the rising sun
make known it's presence while the moon
retreats in silence with such noble dignity.

The fog drifts slowly to an unknown destination
as dewdrops reluctantly release their moist embrace,
compelled to fade…into nothingness.

I feel the wind quicken and hear its voice through a myriad
of leaves as trees gently awaken to its touch.

The beauty of creation unfolds before me,
fresh and clean in it's beginning.

The fragrance of the Earth
rises to greet me
and within this sanctuary of peace,

only God…

knows I am here.

All poems ©2000 by Charles L. East


Poet's Bio:

I am a retired Airline Captain who can look over the rivers, the hills and the far horizon with a profound sense of my own littleness in the vast scheme of things, and yet have faith, hope and courage.

A man who loves flowers and can hunt birds without a gun, and feels the thrill of an old forgotten joy when I hear the laugh of a little child. When star-crowned trees and the glint of sunlight on flowing waters subdue me...Then I know I have kept faith with myself, with my fellowman, with my God...in my hand a sword for evil, in my heart a bit of a song...Grateful to live but not afraid to die, such a man...am I.

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