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The Cabin is a web site devoted to creating links between individuals by the use of poetry and thoughts which touch similar emotions within us all. Although I no longer accept submitted poetry for the guest rooms, you may send in poems for the "Featured Poem" room.

You may also send in your thoughts, comments, or critiques of the poems or anything else you might have to say about the site in general. Depending on the type of submission, I reserve the right to post it in the appropriate room (you will, of course, be given proper credit and retain all copyrights).

I try to maintain a site which speaks to a theme of "universal kinship", friendship, and peace. If you have any bits of wisdom or insight you would like to share with others, please fill out the form below. If you know of another web site or would like to have your own web site be considered for the Universal Kinship Award, see the instructions below. Please book mark this site, for it is updated frequently.

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1. Any thoughts, ideas, or general bits of wisdom submitted should be your own or should indicate the origin if known.

2. Although this site is uncensored, The Cabin must abide by the guidelines set by my server. If the piece of writing is "grossly offensive to the Web community including blatant expressions of bigotry, racism, hatred, or profanity" it will not be approved.

3. You will retain all copyrights to any original works posted at this site. It may be removed at any time without prior notice by "the management" or if you request it to be removed.

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The Universal Kinship Award is awarded by The Cabin. It is awarded to a site that promotes the spirit of universal kinship and bonding between all people through the use of poetry and links to similar sites. To nominate a site, click the award and select the "Universal Kinship Award" box, enter the page address and any other information you would like, then click the submit button.

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