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~~Featured Poem~~

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On this page you will find a "featured" poem from other rooms within The Cabin. On occasion I may post a submitted poem or a poem from another site which I feel may be in keeping with the "spirit" of The Cabin. If it is a poem I have written, I will give you a little background on the inspiration for the poem. If you like what you see here, please send me with your comments. Or better yet, submit one of your own poems to be featured on this page.

Following is a haunting poem that speaks of the darker side of our desires and where they can sometimes lead us.



©2000 Kari

Shadows played in the shapes of
my desires
Taunting me with visions I
couldn't clearly see
And whispering sweet nothings
to my hungry heart.

Temptation danced along the fringes
of light
Daring me to follow its path
into the darkness
Forgetting to reveal that all who entered
would be swallowed and forgotten.

Fantasies consumed my thoughts until
I confused dream and truth
And illusions swirled like smoke around me
trapping me in the stench of failure
Leaving me in a fog with no direction
to reality.

All that is left to embrace my
broken and weary soul
Are the lies that bound me into
this slavery
Chaining me like an animal
just outside the reach of hope.

Biography: I'm 28 years old, soon to start my 3rd year of college. I'm majoring in Psychology and hope to work with troubled teens. I have a difficult time expressing my feelings, so poetry is my outlet.

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