"Let us say-not 'Since we know, we love,' But rather 'since we love, we know enough..."

"If thou must love me, let it be for nought. Except for love's sake only."

Into the Windows I can see
the very essence of your being
Looking through Windows
back at me...

The Windows
of Your Precious Soul
have freed me from that prison
May I gaze into Your Windows
Till a rose is no more crimson.

Sharon Angleman-Goodson
from "Windows"

A reflected beacon
of hope's eternal dream
Unquenched and unquenchable
slipping furtively through the window
and into the night.

As a bottled note,
Cast on the oceans of time
Seeking one heart
one soul
one love

who perchance might peer
through windows of her own.

Alan W. Goodson
from "Stained Glass"

"No love is known within a heart, until it's surrendered, every part."

"I feel my heartbeat.
I long to feel my heart."


"...and only in the end we'll see
just what our lives were meant to be...
when all our childhood fantasies
are lost...
within the mysteries
of time..."

"Love cares nothing for equality
but it insists on balance"


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There are places we can go...that we only dreamed of in life and never found in love.
I want to take you there. - Alan


      To The Angel And Me     
Something...or someone, urged me on...

Love is a dream. Ours came true.
Sometimes it seems to take a lifetime to find that One True Thing...
but only then can forever begin. Let it begin here. In loving dedication to Sharon...and to us...


Love is that fragile flower of most uncommon beauty. One which can never be found by purpose alone while wandering through life's gardens. But one whose color and fragrance is most pure and meaningful when discovered by accident while tending to the more mundane duties of the common man. A diamond found lying quietly amongst the broken glass of childhood's shattered windows.
Hearts On Fire



I thought about you late today
And saw you in sweet slumber.
I could see you question the touch on your cheek.

It was I
Who brushed a silken strand
from your eyes,
And hushed the silence of repose
treading through
your somnolent world.

I saw slight movement on your face
As you wondered
at the warmth of breath
on your lips.

It was I
Who kissed a sleeping Prince
In hopes of an invitation
Into your dreams.

And so you did
And I rested in your arms
Until slatted sunrays woke me
to remember
my winged and gratis journey
To where you are
So far away.

©Sharon Angleman 10/12/99



Here I go within
stepping into places
where air pulses and breathes
musty lavender perfume…

heavy in my lungs it lingers
to quietly settle there.

I gasp.
Heart striking thunderous blows against my ribs,
                        ..... dizzy.

A drunkards line I wondered
and wept
For that place where immortals
lie in peace
and poets have the power
and tears are kissed away
before swallowed
by dankened earth.

Where ravens are illuminated gold, And crimson lips utter no lies
Hazel eyes turn softest gray
to ebony fluid pools
suckling my soul.

Why are you near and there
and everywhere
but here?
Teasing, taunting
What I think to be me
Your eyes I can’t see
I so want to be free

To stroke your heart
with fingertips
you’ve kissed goodnight
and lips knowing the quiver
of your sweet whispered name.

Without you it’s dark,
So unwielding
and ponderously dark.

I grope.
Searching with open arms
like a blind man
seeking shelter from the pain
of empty sightless eyes.
Yours I can’t see.
I so want them to be
Inside here with me,
making quiet the voices thick
and leadened with blood
crying death’s somber release.

My death
to breathe musty lavender perfume when you are everywhere but here wires snaking everywhere disseminating me with you…

we float but never land

©Sharon Angleman 10/12/99



Single footprints tamp a dusty trail, No music here.
No laughter.
Only wind teasing tender ears.

Thoughtsteps of the mind,
Spending moments, going slow
No where to go
But inward

...further recessed.

Where the roads are known
From travel alone,
A bridge through time to figment More real to feel
Than earthly appeals,
No superficial bereavement.

Bestow the seeking, hungry soul Wishes of flight and lover's carol. Make all images true,
Then pray manifest You
Before the last road
is trenched
through the marrow.

It's all been explored,
With a bard prince's sword
Evoking places in planes of spirit.
An essence in quill,
But completed it's still,
Thoughtsteps which echo no lyrics.

This voyage of a heart,
Opening every part,
Must be shown
the reflect of appraisal.
So impressions fall into place,
twice harmonious pace,
Connecting thoughtsteps
to all that is basal.

The union brings
that which was dormant
To glow feverent with breath.
Revived roads are composed,
Eclipsed memories disposed,
And the hearts, to each one,
Are bequeathed.

© Sharon Angleman 11/4/99

PreviousOf Thee I DreamedNext

Pursued by demons,
Dark and cold,
With talons bared,
So sharp and bold,
From that I fled,
To dreams I ran,
For comfort there,
A loving hand.

Of thee I dreamed...

A past so fraught
With sharp regrets,
Thus pierced to bone,
Love's death begets
A life unformed,
So incomplete,
A heart dies slow
Through every beat.

Of thee I dreamed...

So held within
But left without,
I dreamed of love
While crying out
In silent screams,
In formless night,
In search of hope
Removed from sight.

Of thee I dreamed ...

And there within
A dream you came:
A face unseen
With whispered name.
"I've come for you,
my frightened Prince,
And you for me
From this day hence."

Of thee I dreamed...

Now formless fate
Has taken shape,
Beclothed in love
Like silken cape.
Lost hope rebirthed
A life renewed,
Of thee I dreamed
And then came you.

For Sharon

©Alan W. Goodson 10/16/99


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Tomorrow’s dreams began yesterday
While shadows loomed
and hopes were doomed
Red-colored faith and tender kisses
Of sweet perfection from tender soul wishes

Tomorrow’s dreams were packed away
In a tear dampened chest
which rusted closed
Muffling out restless sounds of dying embers
of purpose,
and love proposed

Now naked of image and desire for the future
Dreams ominously held tightly
the visions of night
confirming heart’s scars
and reaching for stars
making larger the fissure
as they curve out of sight

Yesterday’s dreams held a future of past
Beginning with diamonds
reducing to coal
Reverting through vortex
events from the orb
As a snake on it’s tail,
twas a heart on it’s soul

Then I met with my future,
the source of my light
Hearing music of angels
in soft symphonies
Resounding of hope
from the heaven's bright stars
Revealing truth and a path
of love's destinies

Tender, gentle fingers
traced tear streaked eyes
A touch strummed and teased
a dusty golden cord.
Lifting songs of feather grace,
to a wondrous place
Where darkness and grief flees
from Precious Prince's sword

Today’s dreams are shining
with bright glowing glimpses
Of Tomorrows in glory
and grants of all wishes
Unrestrained by the shackles
or boundaries of fences
No more tracking back time,
or the fate of near misses

The rusty damp box
has returned to the soil
Giving life to new blooms
and preventing further spoil
Since the Prince of My Dreams
came and showed me the way
Tomorrows’ sweet dreams
are now lived in today

©Sharon Angleman


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In lessons learned and love ordained
lie secrets of the heart

Held deeper than all that is known
Held closer than kings to a throne
Closer than tears to pain
Closer than clouds to rain.

To ask is never to know,
To know is only to feel
What lies within the sight of mind
Is all that can ever be real.

In gentle thoughts and an open heart
lie all I feel for you

Held deeper than all I've known
Held closer than earth to stone
Closer than water to sea
As close as you are to me.

©Alan W. Goodson


PreviousPath To DestinyNext

I felt a presence in my dreams,
Soft silk against my skin.
An angel's breath, a wind of change
That came from deep within.

Aware within that silent world
That only dreamers know,
I felt you there, a witness to
The whispers of my soul.

A kiss of life then brushed my lips,
To warm a frozen heart.
A gentle passion entered in
Between the dreams apart.

Those moments caught in frozen time
To set my spirit free,
Became the you I've come to know
My path to destiny.

And like the Phoenix born of ash
A heart was set aflame.
It rose above a life of tears,
And Love became its name.

©Alan W. Goodson 10/14/99


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I have walked in the light,
With eyes wide open.
More asleep than I have ever been.

Blind to the love in my heart,
To the dreams in my soul,
To the hope in my fear...
...to the life in my death.

For I was unaware of your presence,
Within that undiscovered place.
Where the walls of my heart
denied you entrance from my dreams...
...but you lay quietly in wait,
with the patience of angels
knowing someday I would sleep.

Yes, I have walked in the light,
With eyes wide open.
More asleep than I have ever been.

Then a bridge rose to greet me,
A path over rivers of pain,
And a voice spoke within me,
Just a whisper of love's sweet refrain.

Now, through dreams I walk
With eyes wide open.
More awake than I have ever been.

Searching through shadows for light,
T hrough ashes for flame,
Through rust for diamonds...
...through death for life.

For I have sensed a presence,
Beyond that which I have known.
Suffusing my colorless dreams
with bright hues of hope...
...painting the canvas of my life
and bringing the light to shine
behind my silent lids in repose.

Yes, through dreams I walk,
With eyes wide open.
More awake than I have ever been.

Now you stand there to meet me,
A bridge to a world yet to be,
And your voice whispers softly,
As I wake with a dream next to me.

For Sharon

© Alan W. Goodson 10/18/99


PreviousLike A Dream Next

Slipping quietly from your lofty perch
Of sacred heart and soul,

You soared...

Circling and sailing
Through dreamswept realms.

You searched...
Through soul-less windows
Seeking love's balance
In depthless hearts...

...hearts with hollow beats
whose rhythm was echoed
in empty promises and forsaken vows.

You dreamed...

of love unencumbered by chains of remorse
formed by rings of gold
left tarnished and stained by unfaithful fools.

You cried...

Wispy trails of love's laments
Flowing behind you through
Feathered verse and prose.

Each quill, once spent of its soulful ink,
...hollowed by life
...hallowed by tears,
Thus lightened and groomed

Taking you higher,
Through darkness and light
Chasing shadows of love untapped...

Felt by your yearning heart...
but slipping through hands
held open in supplication
to fate's lonely quest.


Like a dream...

You came

To me.

Taking me places
I have never been,
Touching me in places
I have never been touched,
And loving me in ways
I have never been loved before.

You are what dreams are made of...

...and you are so very, very loved.

©Alan W. Goodson 11/09/99