Stained Glass
(Inspired by "Windows")

'Twixt distant dreams
and past regrets
the walls of pain are found.

Foreboding barriers left standing
too long
too high
too deep into the night

Where ghosts and demons
danced and twirled
As each brick was placed
one upon the other

Building walls of silence
To quiet a screaming heart.

A heart...

who's voice grew weak and raspy
Through time and tears,
able to speak only in verse...
of dreams and angels...

...sensed but not seen
...felt but not touched
...sought but not found.

Hope growing ever dim,
Once fiery and proud,
Reduced to ash and embers
amongst which I walked...

...Behind the walls,

Treading painfully as my soul
was scorched and burned,
leaving tender scars
to serve as mortar for every brick.

And there I remained,
Held captive and lost,
While I jousted with the demons,

Quill against sword...
love against fear...
faith against death.

Yet a window remained.

Glass stained by sweating palms,
by tear soaked cheek,
by dust and dirt

and soot from flames
that burned within

Unable to escape
to warm the heart of another,
So left to consume only itself...
Feeding upon the refuse
of wasted time and wasted love

Until only a flicker remained.

A small light casting great shadows
and one
against the glass...

A reflected beacon of hope's eternal dream
Unquenched and unquenchable
slipping furtively through the window
and into the night.

As a bottled note,
Cast on the oceans of time
Seeking one heart
one soul
one love

who perchance might peer
through windows of her own.

For Sharon

I Love You

© Alan W. Goodson