The Dance


So full of you...

Thoughts of you...

Of us...

Flowing through me one after another,
Passionate waves of surging desire
        and afterglow contentment.

Wet kisses on soft sandy shores
        of a psychic beach.


Each wave a memory...




...of life...
...of love shared...
...of love made...

Beautiful...erotic...private moments
        In each other's arms

My hands pulling you to me
As yours hold wide the gate
Spreading fleshy guardians
        unlocking your intimate garden
            of delight and pleasure.

I taste you,
Drinking of your essence,
Salty sweet fluids
Soothing parched lips
My tongue lapping, sliding...


Exploring your secret, fragrant oasis


Bodies entwined,
Holding you without
        As you hold me within...

Yearning, steel flesh
captured in your
silky wet embrace.

Eyes locked and melting
    into fluid pools of
hazel green
and chestnut brown swirls

Lit from within by secret fires
Soul windows flung wide open
    in the night
Love-laced curtains billowing
in our breathless urgency...

Temperature rising...

A sensual fever...

as steam heated passion
seeks mortal release...

Taut, straining muscles...
Flesh gripping, releasing,
    gripping, releasing...

Hearts pounding
in perfect rhythm
While our bodies seek to merge our souls have already done

Deeper and deeper

        Penetrating each other

Searching for that
one Special Place

    ...Within ourselves...

        ...Within each other...

Never touched before
by flesh or fear.

We dance deep into the night
Deeper into each other,
While angels blush and giggle

and sing

Harmonic melodies
    of consummated love

Breasts warm against my chest
As you hold me inside
Your essence flowing over me...

...bathing me in musky oils
copiously seeping
from deep wells and inner walls
              of private places.

You press against me
Tighter and tighter
Pulling me into you
Merging my body with yours
Urgently rising
    through waves of pleasure
        to crests of desire

as I plunge into your depths
enraptured and entranced
by a glowing Princess.

A perfect union of body
    of mind
        of heart and soul

All encompassing...


yet soft and sweet

Then we abandon earthly realms
rising high
through tidal waves of love




                    deeper one
We reach peaks of pleasure
        never known before


from the crest of the wave
Into the rarified air of

      a Place Called Forever

Bodies locked together below




As my own essence is released

to mingle with yours...

and we fly
to dance with the angels

Our love unbound... private moments...



©Alan W. Goodson