This is a true story of love and dreams,
and of finding a kingdom in heaven.

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"Forever In Love" - Kenny G

    Once upon a time there lived a charming, talented prince.  The prince lived his life through dreams and gave life to the dreams through his written verse. He traveled to places far and near, and received and gave love beyond that which is often experienced on Earth.

    The prince was happy in these places, running through soft and auburn fields, clasping the warm hand of his angel princess.  He and the princess lived in a beautiful castle with many rooms.  The master's chambers were highest in the castle, over-looking their kingdom.

    Each morning the two lovers went out to the balcony and greeted the day by splashing golden sunshine on their unclothed bodies, glorifying their flesh with the heavens' warm, sensuous welcome to dawn.  They embraced the universe within themselves and consummated their love for each other.  Never on Earth had there been a love so total and complete, so pure and precious...  so passionate and consuming...

     But there was a problem in the kingdom... the prince still resided on Earth.  He was in the arms of his adoring, true princess only when he took his snowy quill in hand... and when he closed heavy, searching eyes at night. The prince was lonely, so very lonely.  And his body and soul ached and cried out from the pain of containing so much love inside, and having nothing real to bestow it on.  Of all the Earth, surely there was the princess he knew in his faraway places... in that place called Forever.

     So one day, out of grieving desperation, the prince took his quill and instead of sketching in the details of his princess' features, he wrote a note, pledging his love for her and pouring his soul out at her feet.  The feelings inside himself spilled out like pearls of light, bouncing and dancing in the air before bursting into glimmering tiny stars and fading into the night.  He placed the note in a bottle and tossed it out to sea.

     He knew by the method that he used that the message could reach all of the modern world... swirling through space at lightening speeds, buzzing and humming its way to find the One True Princess.  The words he so sought to share would be propelled by flashes of bright blue and white through a cyberious, micro dimension... and then there they would wait... treasures of royal jewels to be discovered by an Angel Princess.

     The next day the prince thought about what he had done and frowned at himself for having been so silly.  To toss a bottle into a circuitry sea... what a ridiculous notion!  The whole incident made him realize just how lonely he really was, not just for a warm woman, but for the Princess he knew but had not met. Sad and defeated, he decided to go about his monotonous motions and gave the message matter little further thought.

     Several months later, in a rare moment of boredom, a beautiful woman, very much like the prince, decided to take to the seas. She needed conversation on her own level, but wanted no one to become close to, closeness only brought pain and disappointment. Most of her heart had been placed on parchment as well... seemed that was the only safe haven for it.

     She wandered aimlessly for many hours, seeing nothing of interest, nothing enlightening. In the early morning hours, imbued by a cold blue glow of light, she found herself lost, and a bit confused in the waters. While trying to figure out which way to navigate, she stumbled upon what appeared to be a bottle with parchment stuffed inside.  She opened the vessel and with two slender fingers, pulled a message from the bottle.

    Upon opening it she discovered a heart-stopping likeness of a prince. She ceased her motions immediately and stared at the image. There was something about the man she knew. After tracing every feature of his handsome, stately face in her mind, she started to read the message. Soon, with eyes wide, mouth slightly open, she began to see a reflection of herself in the prose, symbols she knew, images she had seen, places she had been.  The more she read the faster her heart beat. She even became a little frightened from the intensity that seemed to be emitting from these objects.  Unable to move, unable to think, the woman was motionless in time and began to ebb away from the familiar Earthly room she called her own.

     Just then a towering wave began to flood through this newly created dimension.  She felt her body tingle and heat up from within the very depths of her soul.  The wave surged and bellowed around her, making her dizzy and weak.  'Something or someone' urged her on, and her fingers found a porthole through which she might reach this prince.  She took her own quill in shaking hand and responded in kind, tossing the reply back out to sea, only this time, its destination was understood.  A direction had been found. She prayed she was doing the right thing, but feared she would be fooled by her dreams once again....

     Several hours later, the prince noticed an unusual message among the many he received every day.  As he began to read, his heart also began pounding, and his body and mind responded in urgent cravings. Someone had received his message! Was the someone the Princess? It appeared to be her, but he couldn't be sure. He feared that his longing for her was so great that he could easily be fooled... but still he hoped, as hope was all that remained in him.  He quickly replied to the princess, hoping against hope his forgotten note had reached the True Princess Angel.

     Within moments the Princess received his reply. The sound that alerted her of a message arrival brought her back from her place. She looked in the box. After blinking several times, she realized the message was from the Prince. Her breath became rapid and her head light, trembling, she opened the note, her fingers trembling as if frightened of disturbing delicate china.... When the letter was opened, the heavens shined with glory, angels sang in symphonies and the moon puffed proudly to cast its glow.  The precision course of events had been accomplished.  At that moment in time, there was a place created...


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