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A Place Called Forever

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  A Place Called Forever  
A real life poetic love story

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You Were Meant To Be Here

Welcome to my "great gig in cyberspace". I would like to offer you my personal invitation to step inside, kick your shoes off, and find a nice, comfortable spot by the fire. What you will find inside is a relatively large collection of poems, stories, and other bits and pieces of my life.

The "construction" of "The Cabin" has truly been a labor of love for quite some time now. It represents an extremely large amount of time, effort, and desire to provide not only an outlet for my own creativity (or lack of?), but also a place where others can relax and delve into the recesses of their thoughts and emotions. I have been very fortunate to have several thousand visitors, many of whom found a little something inside that touched them in some small way. My sincere hope is that you, too, will find something of interest here.

"The Cabin" is a relatively large site with many internal links that you can get lost in for a very long time IF you like poetry and other types of writing. Hopefully, it is not TOO hard to navigate. There are various links to help you find your way around and it's usually pretty easy to find your way back to the "home" page.

So, take your time, relax, get comfortable, and join me in my journey to find that place within myself (and perhaps within your own self?) where peace resides and where dreams sometimes DO come true.

In Memory of...

In Memory of...


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