About A Place Called Forever


This site is the culmination of an attempt to share with the world the most intense and rewarding experience of our lives. "We" are and . We met online on October 10th, 1999 through e-mail. Actually, it was a bit more interesting than that. The "front page" of our site gives a beautiful "metaphorically romanticized" (but NOT fictionalized) version of how our relationship came about.

The more literal translation is that I (Alan) posted an entry on a website called American Singles. I had never done such a thing before, even though I have been "online" for almost 10 years. Just a few days later-- Sharon, while bored and looking for a "chat site" to pass the time, stumbled upon my entry there and sent an e-mail to me as an introduction. Being immediately intrigued, I responded to her e-mail with one of my own. What followed was a "feeding frenzy" of back and forth responses over the next few days. However, the word "love" was first mentioned less than 24 hours later. Is that possible? Are we nuts? Perhaps. You decide.

What we DO know is that we progressed at lightning speed into the most incredible and beautiful relationship either of us have ever known. We were engaged to be married less than two months after having first made contact and after only four "physical" meetings. Our wedding was on September 9, 2000 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. What we have between us, among other things, is pure and extremely powerful. It may, in fact, very well be bigger than the both of us. For that reason, we want to share the experience with you...with the world...with anyone and everyone who has ever been, or wanted to be, in love.

The process of falling in love is always magical, mysterious, and fascinating...some would say "all consuming". Being that both Sharon and I are of the artistic nature, our love for each other has expressed itself in rather unique ways. The initial idea for this website came to mind as a simple idea. I wanted to "build" a place for us to be together spiritually and emotionally since we could not always be together physically.

The first page was actually taken from an electronic greeting card I sent to Sharon. As we began writing poetry to and for each other, sending more "e-cards" and getting to know each other through various ways, I began adding them to "our place". At some point, in a moment of pure inspiration, Sharon wrote the "fairy tale" version of our story which immediately became the front page to our site. Just as we are very early into our relationship, so too is this site very young and still growing. We do not want to be "exhibitionists" with our expression of love for each other but we do hope you find something here that gives you food for thought and a large helping of hope for your own relationships. Dreams really do come true. We are here to prove it.

Thank you for visiting with us.