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The Writing Forum: Poetry, cameos, essays, shorts, short stories, novel excerpts, fiction and non-fiction, writer's profiles, links to other writing sites of merit. links to publishers, an on-line editor to answer any questions you may have, on-site writing tips/tutorial, our own writing contests, motivational and other quotations, etc., for new and experienced writers. It's all here, and it is all FREE!
Romance as a Genre: Some Notes  By John Lye. Discussion of Romance and the Romantic novel and traditions in English Literature
Romantic Universe  Previews of romance novels, fiction, interviews, reviews, articles, shopping, travel, publishers, bookstores and more
On Beauty and Love   Prose and poetry about beauty, love, romance and life
Poems of Love and Romance   A growing collection of poetry
Romantic Poetry Poems from the Romantic Period and information about the poets
The Wildways  Original poetry, epics and short stories by Pandemonium Stormkeeper
Potpourri Romance Online   A collection romantic poetry and fiction. Weekly literary review
Erin's Children's Poetry Page Poems, ballads and nursery rhymes for children
 The Poetry Archives  Index of over 3,000 poems by 63 authors (1555 through the early 1900s)
Love Poetry Classic romantic poetry and new poems submitted by readers or join a chat to learn more about writing in verse
Romantic Poetry Real Love Stories  Romantic Poetry, real love stories, services
Romantic Poetry and Prose  Bibliography for print resources for Romanticism
Literary Resources -- Romantic  by Jack Lynch.  Index of literary resources focusing on those of interest to scholars. Searchable and organized by period and topic
Romantic Links, Electronic Texts... Links to general Romanticism resources, pages for individual artists, and complete Romantic texts
Love Gallery & Love Quotes- Anything you need to know about Love and Loving - Essays, Poems, Quotes and more!

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Hearts Afire Love Links Personal ads, matchmaking, classifieds, ect
Love-n-Kisses.com   Discussions, articles, communities, personals, poetry
 Love Letters Letters from late 1800s to 1900s with links to love related interests
Romanticism on The Net  A Peer-reviewed, Electronic Journal devoted to Romantic Studies
The New Intimacy  Dedicated to the magical differences between men and women
Blender of Love  Poems, sonnets, stories, forums
Internet Romances  Dedicated to couples experiencing the joys and tribulations of developing a lasting relationship via the medium of the internet
In Defense of Romance: Essay Series An insightful series on the understanding of the romantic genre

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Love Lure Legends, Myths and Superstition of Love. love tokens, symbols
 Courtly Love and Machaut  Studies the tradition of courtly love expressed in the poetry and music of Medieval composer Guillaume de Machaut
 Medieval Love Songs Offers reviews and examples of authentic Medieval love poetry
The Love Story of Bram Stoker's "Dracula" A paper and bibliography
Mythography Greek mythology of lovers and love gods
 Saint Valentine's Day A Short History from Me2U.com , romantic gifts from around the world
Medieval Courtly Literature Study Elements of the sentiment found in Middle Ages poetry
Neo-Tech Love and Sexual Pleasures  An look at past and present love and its motivator
Enduring Popularity of Courtly Love  The history, development, rules, and customs of Medieval courtly love

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The Romantic's Guide 1000s of creative ideas on love and romance
Dating advice from The Mining Co.  Loads of interesting articles and advice
loveresources.com  A useful directory of love, romance, dating and relationship resources
The Long Distance Relationship Resource Pages  For people in long distance relationships
The Single Life  Resource for singles on romance, dating, food, wine and the night club scene
lovingyou.com  A magazine of and about love. Advise, communities and services
cyber-loving.com  A guide to on-line/long distance relationships. Forums and departments
From the Heart-Love & Romance  A collection of love, romance and relationships resources
Internet Romance   Online love experiences, romance advice, personals and fun
Romance Wizard   A monthly advice column about restoring romance in a relationship
Love and Relationships  Articles/advice regarding love and relationships, from sexual attitudes to communication and online dating
Internet Romance Organization Dedicated to assisting couples who are experiencing the joys and tribulations of developing a lasting relationship via the medium of the internet. This site provides a 'home base' in which other couples can come for support, discussion, information and feedback whilst enjoying their Internet Romance."

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Nancy Chien-Eriksen Romantic Art Fantasy art for the romance in everyone
Contemporary Romantic Realism Specializing in Romantic Realism in painting and sculpture
On the Wings of Eros: Classical Art by The Masters  Classic Erotica based on masters. Music, imagery,poetry, sensuous art, music
Romantic Art on the Web  A guide to where works by thousands of great artists can be found
Hearts Ease  Site dedicated to romantic art, poetry, music and beauty in the arts
Romantic and Victorian Art  A collection of links to romantic and Victorian art and artists of the nineteenth-century
The Dreamsharer  Romantic music composer
Romantic Era Music Links  Middle ages through modern opera
Marriage and Love Real and practical discussion from psyhelp

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A Singles Christian Network   Find chat, ads, articles, advice, forums for the Christian single
SpiritWeb  Spiritual Networks & Sites of SpiritWeb Members
On the nature of true Love A guide to Life, Truth, Consciousness, Spirit and ... True Love
The Spiritual Network  Universal love, energy and knowledge - information, services, and resources of astrology, spiritual guidance, channeling, meditation and more
Soulmates Romantic Realities  Secrets that will help you find your True Soulmate, links
The Right Time  Astrology, horoscope reports, consultation, spirituality and your free will
The Power to Share  The practical spirituality of unconditional love

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Shelia's Kissing Booth  Fun, Romantic graphics and and animated gifs
WhoDoYouLove.com   Astrology, card, chat, links for the romantic
The Love Police  When your significant other misbehaves...This playful, yet helpful site allows you to send them a citation, set their bail, and suggest a sentence
Love Quizzes  The Love Test, Relationship Satisfaction test and more fun stuff
Susan's Romantic Adventures  Free and fun products for lovers
Lovescopes by HSFTH  Horoscopes, love, relationships, fun, games
Virtual Toys Greeting Cards  Virtual Toys, Cards, Postcards
Love Games  A fun romantic game of love, sharing and sexual adventure for two
Romance 101 Tests and Games  Presents a variety of interactive online games