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Who Are We?


"We" are and . is our website. We have decided to try our hands (and hearts) at creating a website devoted to the expression of love in all its artistic manifestations. Both of us write poetry and that "talent" served, in many ways, as the basis for the beginning of our relationship. We met online and corresponded primarily by e-mail in the early stages. One way we could "be together" and have a place to go to be with each other in the virtual world was to create a website that displayed the poetry we wrote for and about each other. As the relationship (and poetry) grew, the site took on sort of a life of its own. Initially it was a private "for our eyes only" site but at some point we decided to "go public" with our pages. That site became known as A Place Called Forever.

We are physically together now, and were married in the fall some yeas ago, so there is less of a need to express our love for each other in the virtual world. However, both of us feel that it is important and meaningful to provide a "portal" of sorts for others to share what we have experienced. Our ultimate goal with is to provide a gateway to the world of love through poetry and art.

Right now, the site contains a number of links to our own personal pages as well as the original "Place Called Forever" site. We also provide many links to similar sites which use various artistic means solely for the purpose of expressing the most intense emotion that two individuals can ever share. allows others to "join" our site and to post their work in our forum. Or, you can create and compose a JRILY LoveCard for someone special. Plus, we have a listing of "lovequotes" and a special page just for our teen poet visitors.

We thank you for visiting with us and hope that you have or will find what we have already as it was meant to be.