The Cabin Chapbook


Angel's Prayer

Surface Thoughts 

a special guest appearance by
Michelle A. Bartley
June 21, 1999

I sit here, wrapped in the mist of my own private thoughts,
Thoughts left unspoken, (or so I thought)
Thoughts left waiting to come to life, to take form,
Revealing truths that only those chosen,
Could ever begin to understand,
Including myself.

You are there, as always, an ever burning light shining brightly,
My thoughts race faster,
I desperately try to grasp them,
Before they slip away,
Before they blend into the ever shifting soup,
The mixture of memories and premonitions.

I sleep, and I dream, dreams of you, dreams of us,
Dreams that leave lasting impressions on my conscious mind,
And when I awake,
Thoughts still are there, of you,
And I no longer wonder what it all means,
It is love, simple, pure and sweet.

Thoughts of you fill my head and your love can be felt,
It embraces my heart,
Absorbs my soul, completeness,
This is what I seek, this is what I desire.
I want heaven, I want HOME,
Yet, so much still needs to be done.

I watch the skies, the ever constant horizon,
And sometimes I see your face,
Coming from the clouds,
Your eyes speak of time,
Time of waiting, time of readiness,
And I tremble in anticipation.

Without all of this, without your everlasting love,
Life would hold no meaning,
No hope, and darkness would prevail,
And I hold tight the cord of love,
For it brings light to my heart.
And depth to my being.

Yes, as I sit alone within the swirling of my thoughts,
I remember it all, my angel of light,
It comes in flashes, in visions,
And I wait, impatiently at times,
For the wonderful day when I can reach you,
When I can touch you with my soul.

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