The Cabin Chapbook


Dream Angel

In Dreams She Walks 

In dreams unshackled by the night
The darkness gathers 'round,
And paints the corners of my mind
In shadows that surround.

But in the center of my soul
A candle light still burns.
And as I walk towards the light
An image I discern.

An angel there with tattered wings,
A vision to behold.
She guards the gates of happiness
That open to my soul.

And yet I see within her eyes
A sadness bom of fate.
From many tears she shed to earn
The keys to heaven's gate.

Each feather in her wings she gained
For every time she cried
When on the mortal ground she walked
For every dream that died.

At times the dreams that matter most
Are dreams she left behind.
The promises that weren't kept
Lay tangled in her mind.

Yet through it all she found the peace
To turn her pain to art.
And beauty grew from thorny vines
Entwined around her heart.

So now, in dreams she hears my thoughts
In silence as I sleep.
And guards me from the demon's grasp
With love that runs so deep.

This angel with the tattered wings
Holds wonders yet to see.
But I'll be there to share them all
Each night in silent dreams.

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