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Beatitudes For The Disabled

By: Lady Angel

Blessed are those who realize I am Human,
and who don't expect me to be saintly just because I am disabled

Blessed are those who pick up, and pass, and Deliver Cheerfully:
and sometimes with out being asked.

Blessed are those who forget the Deformity of my body.

Blessed are those who see me as a whole Person,
Unique and complete,
and not as half ,or One of God's Mistakes.

Blessed are My friends on whom I depend,
For they are the substance and JOY of my

Blessed are those who Love me just as I am without
Wondering what I Might have been Like.

Blessed are those who Understand that I am
Sometimes Just weak and not Lazy........

BMV 02/10/97

Biographical Comments: The Poem was written in the hope that mankind would someday understand that we are all united Souls...No matter what we look like or how different we are I am the whisper in the Dark that calms the Soul.....And hopefully brings Love..Brenda


Reunion of Souls

By: Margaret E. Haugen

I look into your eyes
And see the demons
Of your past

As they writhe
Behind your eyes

Then your soul shines through
The web of demons within
And my spirit speaks to yours

Though I didn't know it
At the time.


Easy For Crows

By: Valerie Hardin

How easy it is to
Smash in the pumpkin head
And let the crows
Pick at the hollowed out insides
How we devour what is left
From what is dead



By: Lisa

Im forever feeling the terror of his next fight,
Im forever waiting for his next bite.
I hold on to hope that god will make it clear,
what my purpose was these past five years,
for what have I gained but a husband and no friend
and two starving children, afraid again.
A bastard created you, now your all the blame.
Don't worry dear because mom doesn`t feel the same.
The moment you came out and they whisked you by
all I could think of was BABY DON`T DIE.
The moment I held you I new you were alright and I`d hold on forever
never giving up the fight.

Biographical Comments: This poem was written about my son Jordon, who has a special angel looking out for him. (thank you dad)


Emotions Monsters

By: Tracy Ann Dunne

Homepage: Dreamer's Realm

Distant shadows sweep the earth
Emotions monsters of enormous girth
The sway and roam in the minds of man
Taking hold of their fears in command

They sneak in at night when the moon is high
Kindness and compassion scream their good-bye
Squeezing like a vice upon their selfish souls
In their future is hell's blistering coals

They build their bombs, fight their wars
Adding up the many bloodthirsty scores
Deceiving their  hearts and unseen god
The souls of man are hopelessly flawed

Killers of children's bright tomorrows
Fillings the world with infinite sorrows
The games they play affect everyone
Tell me are the wars truly won?



By: Michael

Scared and isloated, I came looking for you,
Looking for your support, to cure me of this blue.
Hoping love and acceptance I would find,
Your ears were suddeny deaf, your eyes were blind.

I needed you to love me, I wanted you to see,
How many times I asked god, "What is wrong with me?"
Count with me the tears I laid here and cried,
I tried to tell you it wasn't true, but I only lied.

Why did you desert me, why leave me all alone?
You left me in the streets, in my lifestyle I found a home.
I'm your flesh and blood, through you I did live,
All I wanted was your love, was that too much to give?

But its all said and done now, you chose to send me away,
Even though you hate me, I'll think of you every day.
What little I get to hear you say, is bitter, and so cold,
But at least you now know me, the story has been told.

I am your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or maybe even brother,
I may be your cousin, aunt, uncle, sister, father or mother.
No matter who I am, listen to the words I am going to say,
Do I have to lose your love and support just because I'm gay?

Biographical Comments: I know this poem is a bit controversial for the Cabin, but it expresses what a lot of gay people, including myself, have went through. It was a painful experience to actually sit down and write this, but it if helps just one family member or friend of a gay person to understand what its like to lose them, then it will have been worth my personal pain. I always welcome opinions on my work, be they good or bad, so I hope to hear from some of you all!



By: Barry Vincent

Silence is an artful creature
Adept and masterly sublime,
It neither pleads its innocence
Nor confesses to the crime.

The deafening sound of silence
Is a weapon so unique,
It cannot be defended
Until you hear it speak.

So many times have you been baffled
Beyond the realms of science,
Whenever you've come up against
That dreaded 'Wall of silence'.

An answer, plainly spoken
Your question would appease,
But the deadliness of silence
Would bring you to your knees.

Speak, speak you say
Acknowledge my plaintive cries,
For silence is the teller
Of the cruellest lies.

Biographical Comments: How many ways there are to interpret silence...I wrote this when e-mail was a bit thin on the ground between me and some friends who correspond regularly...somehow I got the negative aspect...


The Garden of God

By: Eric (EJ) Sheely

Tonight I thought about Eve
Walking through God's garden towards the tree
And biting into the apple given
Green and luscious and sour as early grapes

God was smart to have given the apple
To Adam first, to have allowed testosterone to shape
The world through jagged eyes of hatred
And greed, sated with his own son's blood

A world shaped by women would have no walls
No automobiles or commuter trains to crash
No relationships to rot and sour on the vine
No God to keep order, to repress, and destroy

Women would not sacrifice their lovers and children
Their breasts and their womb
The warmth of summer and color of fall
For gold and silver coins

They know, all too well that God's sandals
Trample the ground below them, never leaving marks
In the place where the fruit of eternal knowledge grows
We are all just specks of dirt in a garden full of stars.

Copyright © 1997 Eric Shelley and Grey Wolf  Multimedia. All Rights Reserved.

Biographical Comments: Writer and Poet in Phoenix, Az currently working on two books of poetry, and possibly a novel.


A Waiting

By: Bud Forrest

Way down we go in
the ride of life
With trouble and
strife both a like
We toss and
turn in life's ways
Yet we dance like it
will never fade

Dreams make man
change ideals for ideas
Exchange is man made
in thoughts of ideal
What runs thru man's
mind, Is felt by us
Planning life in a
form that is a must

Forsaking a reality,
For only a thought
Chasing the dreams
that they bought
What foolishness we
follow for naught
that we were all taught
God is waiting for us

Unavoidable Quest

By: Bud Forrest

It churns the thoughts in dreams
It moves the thoughts in wonder
It holds the wish as an after thought
The reason is never found as a choice
Yet the dream never dies in wonder
Only a feeling finds the reason why
That holds the unavoidable quest
Which knows that one must die.

Born a baby you cry
for the knowledge
to save your soul
  you learn why.
   Then you cry
     WHY DIE

What We Grow

By: Bud Forrest

Let us remember all the ways
memories shape of the past.
Which linger in the rapture
of our lives,When we lived
as man and wife.

Troubles carried us thru its
ways,Beckoning us as a rule.
Funny how it changed as we
grew,Clinging to one another
so the shadow did not grow.

Life gave samples in which
we shared.we count them all.
But never in pairs.One by one
they came,as we pleased.For
ten was enought to squeeze.

Learning is a task in it self
yet teaching,Strives in how,
not in why.Only the wishing
is the easy life.For then we
would miss all your mistakes.

Love is like a garden,We tend
what we grow.We cull them slow
it is a shame to see them grow.
For we will plant no more.
Now we see our sorrow grow.

We kindle our love in them
to shape,not to pretend.
For what other reason could
that be,had we not loved them
then we care not what they be.

A reason why,That we try.Leaves
not wisdom said,Like hand and
hand we all grasped not the ring.
But love that will be lost as we
all leave.As no family is the same.

2:39 PM 11/2/96

Biographical Comments: Age 73, married fifty years, had ten children. Started writing poems and short stories in '78. working in the north sea. Am now confined to a wheel chair, spend quite a few hours on the net. As you can see, I find dying an interesting phase in life. It does churn the mind.



By: Bob Walker

Hear not my cries of pain
See not my tears like rain
Feel not my twisted heart
Ignore all feelings that I impart
Impale my being with what I seem
Care you naught of what I dream
Of what significance am I to you
Perhaps no more than a wisp of dew
Content you are within your sphere
My insignificance is all too clear
Life will end as all things must
Hopes and dreams turned to dust
Was only love that I sought
But only sorrow that life brought
To know no love of any kind
Torments the soul, destroys the mind
Just cast aside my empty shell
As was done in life as well
I leave this empty world of sorrow
No love could I beg, steal nor borrow
If there's existence when I die
Perhaps I'll learn the reason why
My existence was never known
And why I had to die alone...