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ChapBook by Sharon Angleman  A Collection of Original Poetry 
American Airlines Flight 1420:When Time was Gone The true and powerful account of the author's experience aboard American Airline's Flight 1420, an MD-80 which crashed only yards away from the Arkansas River on June 1,1999  Eleven lives were lost on that flight.  Countless others will never be the same.
A Journalist's First Journey:The Westside Shootings  A moving account of a student journalist's first taste of  the real life of the profession, covering the Westside School shootings.
Rabbits and Witches, Fairies And...  A humorous essay recalling an early experience Trick-or-Treating -back in the good 'ole days.
The New Mommy A powerful and emotional essay about a young girl's loss of youth to an emotionally crippled stepmother.
As Luck Would Have It A true and bizarre story about one family's bad luck with black cats.
LifeLines Coming Soon, the first chapters of a supernatural thriller.
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Uses and Gratifications and Internet Profiles: A Factor Analysis
What Does it Mean to Dwell in Cyberspace and Why do We Go There?
Lockhart, Goodson and Allied Families: Genealogy Research in Progress
Web Romance American Airlines Flight 1420
A Place Called Forever One Survivor's Personal Account
The Cabin LINKS: AA1420 Information
JRILY.com AA Flight 1420 Survivors' Site
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