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The Family

Alan's Vows Sharon's Vows


Life is but a journey. And, just as each journey must have a destination, each life must have a dream. Years before we met, I had a dream that inspired me to write a story. The first words of that story were:

"Something… or someone… urged me on…"

Little did I realize that those words were truly the first steps I took on the most important journey of my life… a journey with a very special destination… to A Place Called Forever. In the dream…in the story…and in my life, I was in search of the One True Thing I needed most… Love.

When I wrote that story, love was a dream I had never touched. Since we met, I have written many words…to, for, and about you… but none are as important as the ones I say here today:

And now as my dream comes true… forever can begin- let it begin here.

To you Sharon, I offer these vows:

To hold you in my heart as I hold you in my arms
To share the remaining moments of my life

…with every joy

…every pain

…and every breath

just as I will promise to share each of yours.

To be honest, faithful, and strong,

To protect you,

To comfort you,

To honor you,

To cherish you,

And to love you with all that I am and will ever be.

For you are my light,
My Angel,
And my dream.

What dreams may come will pale in comparison to the one I have already found in you. I will do all within my power to show you the same beauty within myself that is exquisitely held within you. I will be a mirror, so that you may see the things in yourself that you have so wondrously inspired in me.

In the eyes of God and in the presence of our family…

Now and Forever, with you, I am joined.



Promises to my Beloved, Wondrous Dream, who's essence fills my every breath...


From the moment I first saw your eyes and read your words, my heart recognized in you something from a dream left behind.

My ears heard again the crying of my name as someone… something… urged me on. My soul, wiser and stronger
than I, ran swiftly to your arms, already knowing the glorious warmth of their embrace… delighted to confirm the oneness it knew was there...eager to breathe life into a dream kept too long in slumber.

And now as I behold my treasured dream come true,
In vibrant, glorious colors of love,
Woven with precious golden cords of faith
I pledge before God and the miracle of our family
To be your wife in mind, soul and body
To cradle your heart in wings now free to fly
To wipe your tears and sing your songs
To share your triumphs and trials
To encourage your growth
To be honest and faithful

Until eternal sands run dry
All that I am and all that I will be
Is yours
And I promise to love you as love is meant to be