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Richard Maxfield
Making Love To You
As You Sleep
Sharon W. Flynn
Love of Zorro
Song of Dreams

Bring Me Your Words
When You Said You Loved Me
A Touch On My Heart
The Gift

Barbara A. Savage
The Question
Love Should
Love To Me
The Love We Share
S. Marie Hugo

Weather Of Love
A New World Awaits

D.P. McClellan
Soul Hesitance
Faces Of Desire
Toward The Light
Charles L. East
The Keeping
Marcia Miller-Twiford
A Woman
The Calming
Our Piece Of Time
Annie Lehberg
Held By The Same Star
My Soul Companion
Alan W. Goodson
Soul's Retreat
W. James Beard Jr.
To Say The Simple Things
Blue Velvet Above
My Lady
Heads Was My Heart
Washing Her Face
Shawn M. J. Mann

After The Dream
The Banished Poet
Death To The Moon
The Crying Song

Richard Huggins
The Love We Know
Crystal Promises
Blue Eyes
Place Of My Heart's Contentment
Heart's Domain
Sweet Song of Your Love

Poems by Richard Maxfield Back to Poem Index

©2000 Richard Maxfield   HomePage: The Zone

Bio: Divorced Male 42 years old. Romantic at heart. I had true love once but it slipped away. I shall have it once more, some day. Father of two wonderful children. Single parent raising the light of my life alone. My 16 year old daughter.

Making Love To You Back to Poem Index

May I hold you
In my arms
Drink deep
Your female charms

Look endless
Into your eyes
Freed spirit
Minds began to fly

No one
But me and you
Doing the things
True lovers do

My hand
Caressing your cheek
Thoughts as one
Yet we don't speak

Soft skin
Pressed ever so tight
Shadows dance
By candle light

Fingers cascade
Down your back
Loves emotion
We'll never lack

Your neck
My lips softly kiss
Of heavenly bliss

Quick breath
Of passion excite
Our love
Will last all night

Taste sweet
The kiss of desire
Nothing more than you
I require

Flesh on flesh
Our souls entwine
More love
Two could not find

Racing hearts
Beat as one
Our love
Shall never be done

Pull closer
My sweet dear
Whisper I love you
In your ear

Love me
Never let go
True love
To you I'll show

As You Sleep Back to Poem Index

Laying next to you in the night
Listening to each breath you take
Feeling the warmth of your body

Eyes twitching, restless in sleep
I think of what you may dream
Fighting a battle only you know

To rescue you from the dream
Quiet all fears give you peace
Longing to be where you are

As dreams pass deeper in sleep
I move in closer to cuddle a bit
Smelling your hair next to me

Rhythm of hearts beat as one
My breath my life my world
Do you feel my love so close

I want to wake you for a bit
Taste a kiss, feel your touch
I will be satisfied being close

Breaths taken at the same time
Sliding into sleep thinking of us
What will new dawns bring


Poems by Sharon Flynn Back to Poem Index

©2000 Sharon Flynn

Bio: I am a published poet who specializes in love poetry of the heart and soul. I am currently working on a collection of my poetry which is titled, "A Rose Through The Heart." My work is posted on several other sites under the psuedonym "Ivy" or my real name Sharon Flynn.

Song Of Dreams Back to Poem Index

High into dreams
my soul awakened
singing love
by the fiery moon.
Delicious wanting
in the night.
My soul searching,
reaching for the heart
within its dreams.
Elusive as an airy
sprite...the face
of he who claimed
my soul, who gave
the love within...a voice.

Love of Zorro Back to Poem Index

You are the Guardian of my heart,
a masked man...a Zorro
with your Z etched upon my soul.
By night, your black cape
swirls in silken folds about you
as you kneel upon the ground
and take my hand in yours,
kissing each of my fingers.

Eloquent words of love
cut a flaming Z through my heart.
Zorro, my Love...Zorro, my Champion.
Let us ride side by side,
breath to breath,
under the glowing heart of the Moon.
The stars will chant our names forever.
Our radiance will light up the blackened skies...
be remembered always.


Poems by Lillyanna Back to Poem Index

©2000 Lillyanna   HomePage: Poetry By Lillyanna

Bio: An artistic woman in many ways. I am an optimist, and a dreamer of sorts. I create illusions with a pen and with brushes on many a different canvas. I am eternally romantic..and belong in the time of swashbuckling, no nonsense heros...

I have loved and I continue to this is the eternal goal inside us all...To love and to be loved.... to find peace within ourselves, and contentment in the hands of those who truely love us.

Bring Me Your Words Back to Poem Index

Hold me in this night
talk to me with your sweet voice
near to my ear
Tell me of your desires
and of your thoughts
this moment
Do not bring me flowers
bring me your words...
Tell me love stories
with brave new hearts
and ancient adventures.
Tales of true wisdom
and monkey warriors
Whisper of your love for me
and of my dearness to your heart
Tell me of things that will stay with me
and save me
from this loneliness
in the long hours
when we are apart
Until you come for me...
and take me with you again
on this journey we take together
to the deepest center of our souls....


When You Said You Loved Me Back to Poem Index

Did you say you loved me?
Did you open your heart?
Did you see the tears well in my eyes,
and the pain drift from my soul...
when those sweet words
left your soft, warm lips?
Did you realize.....
a dream has begun to take
the form of something that can truly
be seen and felt?
And the blackness of an empty existence...
has sprung the light of a fresh, new day....
The scent of the newborn air
is pale and sweet and full...
and nearly drips from the smile creeping
from my parched, dry lips...
because you said you loved me!


A Touch On My Heart Back to Poem Index

Isn't it odd, this human condition
that gives us insecurities and self doubts
that shred our hearts and make
our eyes well up with tears?

And see how wondrous and healing
the thoughts of the one we love can be?
For in just a few moments, like a magic
elixir pouring onto open wounds
we begin to see and feel
the mending taking place.

We watch the walls come back down,
we feel the fear retreat
back into its deep, dark den
to lay in wait for a new opportunity
to prey upon our
unsuspecting souls...

Our internal sun comes out
to shine upon the newborn smile
that has been stifled for too long

The skin glows again
and is, at once,
warm again to the touch.

Our hearts open
ready again to hold love.
The love we feared was lost.
Minds and souls open to respond
to kindness and encouragement
and tenderness

Pride and confidence take hold
and straighten our spine..
Shoulders go back
and heads are held high
Because we feel again.

We feel what we all hunger for...
what drives us in everything we do...
The care and concern of our loved one..
The gentle stroke upon our heart
from the hand that holds it....
close to it's own....

The Gift Back to Poem Index

You gave me something today
a gift you didn't even realize

Unwrapped - no bright bows
No eye catching colors
Just plain and simple and not even
given up with your own hands...
No gold or silver to adorn
but the most precious of gifts I will
ever receive from you...

With four little words you gave me
the freedom to be me today.

"A little insecurity here.."
was what you said...
I said "I love you" and then
you responded....
"Do you really?"
and then.......

the words that freed me
from being what he wants.....
to what I AM....

I was afraid you would think me weak
with this insecurity I feel when
it comes to "you and me"
So I was going to keep these feelings
to myself...
and let them dwell in secret places
inside me
and hurt me until I could shed them
somehow, someday.

When there truly is a "you and me"
Truly a you...for me.
and now you will have a real me
a true me...

Because of those four little words
that you gave me today


Poems by Barbara A. Savage Back to Poem Index

©2000 Barbara A. Savage

Bio: I am a single mother of 11 year old twins (boy/girl). I love to write to express my feelings. I started to write as a teenager but wasn't able to keep it to myself. My siblings would go through my journal and laugh and make fun of me. I had also written a book which my mother threw away. From that very day I never wanted to write again. It wasn't until my children were 9 months old that I rediscovered the joy of writing.
The Question Back to Poem Index

You ask a question of me
You may not think as I do
How can one get attached so soon
We think with our minds

One may lie in bed
And think of what to do
How to respond

We plan
We delegate
We act upon our thought

But it is with our heart that we feel
Our heart gives us the answers
The outcome
The conclusion

Feelings are from our heart
Not our mind
But from our soul
Not what we are thinking
But merely what our heart tells us to do

You can not put time on love
You can not stop it
You can not plan it
You certainly can not choose who you love

You are someone I thought I would never find
You opened my heart
At a time when I thought there was no key

But Jesus knew you were the one for me
So he let all those walls fall
And helped me let you in

So my answer can only be
Let me express what I feel for you
And please don't stop
What you're doing to me


Love Should Back to Poem Index

Sometimes we think we are in love

But think
Not feel

Your love should not wear you out
Should not bring you down
Should not hold you back

It should lift you up
Should support you
Should grow with you

Should be happy with you
Not against you

Love is togetherness
Not separation

Love is peace
Not war

Love is joy
Not pain

Love is laughter
Not tears

Love is communication
Not silence

Love is
What you want it to be

Your choice
Your life


Love To Me Back to Poem Index

Little things that make one feel good
A whisper in my ear to tell me you love me
A flower just once a year
A thank you for all I do

A kiss when you walk in from your long hard day
A surprise now and then
Not extravagant that’s not me

Maybe a nice romantic evening alone
No TV to interrupt the mood
A walk in the park, or on the beach is fine
A candlelit dinner you prepare yourself

One day of rest without the kids
Or offer to do the laundry for me
A note left by you to start my day
A simmering hot chocolate on that cold winter's day

To take a day off work to spend with me
Leave your friends behind and take me
To a lovers retreat
Run me a bath, and you come too

Send me a card for no reason at all
Show up at my job and take me away

Love is a feeling not just a word
To feel it and share it
Means much more than to hear it

©2000 Barbara A. Savage


The Love We Share Back to Poem Index

Poem-Story: When we're together we argue and fight
Over things that are major and minor all right
Separation is good for the heart and soul
Were as friends should be that's better you know
Together causes us pain and stress
Separation we feel joy and laughter and rest
Marriage is a unity togetherness as one
Two people have to work at it, not just one
With only one giving and trying to make it work
It causes to much pain and our love drifts apart
That's were our friendship comes in you see
I could not live without you nor you me
We have many memorable years to forget the past
Lets work on our future and make
The friendship last
A friendship is also a unity we share
We can be ourselves and still share our lives
There's no pressure here just remember to write
So you see we are still together
You have your life and I mine
Somewhere we will meet and that will be fine
Promise me this and I'll promise you to
Never forget me and I'll never forget you
Our hearts in my eyes are still joined as one
For time will only tell if we shall diverge
But that my dear I can not say
So lets be friends starting with today
Don't ever forget that I love you so
I'm here for you even when you go
There will always be a bond we share
The father of my children and my real true love
So lets leave it at that to the Lord above

©2000 Barbara A. Savage


Poems By S. Marie Hugo Back to Poem Index

©2000 S. Marie Hugo  HomePage: Hugo's Haven

Bio: A Children's book writer and poetry lover.

Weather Of Love Back to Poem Index

Melted snow.

a tear drop trickles down her face
as she feels his overwhelming love.

Howling winds.

flocks of birds soar above
as one robin lingers to bless them.

Radiant sun.

their faces beam with adoration
each being passionately caressed.

Luminous moon.

hovering under cool crisp sheets
their dreams connect with desire
until they meet again.

© 2000 S. Marie Hugo


A New World Awaits Back to Poem Index

My lips shiver mournfully
waiting for your warm,
caressing touch to brush
against them.

My arms feel hollow
as I embrace your feathered
pillow that once held your
adoring smile, that brisk
winter eve.

Inner selfishness will not
allow you to dissolve.

As the snow melts,
Evergreens quiver silently.
Two mourning doves perched
upon the highest bough
seek out a hollow loft.

Feathers caress against
each vein softly and lovingly.
Each adoring, and both eager
to dote upon one another.

Seeking refuge, I feel you,
soaring through me, ready to
harbor my every quiver.

Allow me to relinquish my
inhibitions, as we fly to
a new world that awaits us.

© 2000 S. Marie Hugo


Remembrance Back to Poem Index

my eyes are closed
my body warm
I need your touch
I need your scent
to feel your body surrounding mine
to feel you in me
only makes me want you more

my eyes are open
my body hot
I have your touch
I have your scent
I feel you trembling
I feel your love

You leave me with remembrance.

© 2000 S. Marie Hugo


Poems By D.P. McClellan Back to Poem Index

©2000 D.P. McClellan HomePage: Poetry In Notion

Bio: David McClellan originally hails from New Orleans, Louisiana. He is a graduate of Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, with a BA in news/editorial journalism. After knocking around at odd jobs in management fields, he joined the Navy in 1984. He served for 15 years as a Chief Journalist/ Broadcaster. He has traveled extensively. He is currently retired and resides in Overland Park, KS. He is editor of the online poetry site Poetic Reflections. He is published online at Tom Perry's Grassroots Poetry, Acidlines, The Echo, Now and Forever, World of Poetry, Dream, Sienna's Poetry Suite, The Cabin, AngelArt Poetry, Mending Ourselves and Hearts with Soul. His web page "Poetry in Notion" can be read at

Soul Hesitance Back to Poem Index

I am unseated with reasoning of devils,
here to play with my hesitant soul.
Never have I felt the whirls of adventure
lived in the passionate stories told.

Your touch is my thought up in flight,
graze my mouth as if your lips
were mine of the firm push of flesh,
a garland of delicate rose hips.

You are rainbows fallen to the earth,
within my hesitant grasp wet
of my desire and the calling dream
whirling of plans, my heart set.

To know of you strikes me electric
as a song of heating promise.
I crack the dark stone of my life
and craft a gateway fortress.

Hope rains within me to storm
with questions of my worth
as I shake with the small steps
leading me to unknown birth.

I am lost in your ravishing regard,
wandering unblemished stars.
I reach forth beyond hope's pain
to settle those, my lover's wars.

I soar in skies with no met horizon
as my thoughts stay with you.
My fledgling wings carry me above
as I turn more than myself true.

© 2000 DPMcClellan


Faces of Desire Back to Poem Index

I drink of thee as to the coming storm,
to the body electric I feel,
as if there were no other in this more,
this torment that I steal.

Are my wings to melt in the sea,
that I have flown so high?
Do your eyes speak gently of me,
think of my lover's sigh?

Meet the wolf in the forest dark,
as he leaps and bounds.
For a mate, he will kneel, stark,
and take all higher grounds.

Know the might of the warrior,
he is death to rising evil.
Of sword and spear the carrier,
strikes injustice to the full.

Flog the jester as he prances,
tends to your amusement,
Watch the scarlet as he dances,
serious to your bemusement.

These are parts of who I am,
I offer up as poor gifts.
I climb your mountain as the lamb,
I wander in the rifts.

Tell me in shadows of hope,
that love has some life,
I shall wait deep in my cloak,
sun bathe me in your light.

© 2000 DPMcClellan


Toward the Light Back to Poem Index

Seems forever I have sought to reach the depths of your heart,
when I seem to fail to draw you to me.
With words of your encouragement the irony falls away in part,
I began again to create what will please.

I have no magic in my cape, no amusing tricks I can invent,
I walk a crumbling ledge to the brink,
and kick stones of my faults into the sea of disappointment.
There is more to love than I think.

You wish to see my soul that I keep buried from my fears.
I give you glimpses, but not enough.
I cannot bare myself except to your touch and fallen tears
of joy. I am a stone in the rough.

You take me as a minstrel as I but carve the ready words
that come with your distant beauty.
I do not see beyond your presence and calm the hot hurt
of waiting that's become my duty.

I see the wall and climb it, for there is for me no returning.
I will wander within your scent.
I carry with me interest and deep desire with a burning
that floods my flesh with intent.

I must have you in the light,
across the distance within sight.

© 2000 DPMcClellan


Daydreams Back to Poem Index

Down there, before I go to sleep,
it comes,
not in dreams,
confusions of images
in the private dark,
hopes of better days,
of finding that one woman,
of rich success,
gold pictures of happy times,
smoldering scenes in bed,
of flowers in the morning,
of sunshine on my face.

Deep there,
as I daydream,
I have the things I seek,
to steal away a warm hand,
to kiss and be kissed thoroughly,
to share what secrets I possess,
and learn those held by another,
to wander bravely into love,
to seek the yearnings of a heart,
meet the expectations held,
and sing with the early dawn,
to meet a new day.

© 2000 DPMcClellan


Convolution Back to Poem Index

The portions of my mind that do not seek you
find no purchase in the vermilion convolution
of pooling emotions. Swift melodies
play to the center of romantic impulse
gliding in concentric caresses
to the heart. The thrill of being
courses the veins in gladness coating
the conscience interpretation of the day
passing within high tide sunbeams
lavished in golden moments. I float
in crystal blue skies speaking depths
defying earthly concepts of pleasure.
Narrow is the bridge of missing steps,
suspended above a chasm of too mortal
loss scattered with stones of permanent loss.
I walk though the trembling mist to break
the clarity of your presence on my lips,
as memory fades within your gentle existence.
I take your name beyond the boundaries
of consensus to stake a new plateau
glistening in the newness of my own
readiness to step into lore's curtained fantasy.
I shed the skin of past remorse to emerge
newborn expectations weaving excitement
to my shuddering very bones
and on my knees, a beggar for your love.

© 2000 DPMcClellan


Odyssey Back to Poem Index

To have cleft the rose to its center scent.
Desperation likens crushing loss
to the broken forest wooden bones went
by the way of earth or stone.
Settle for nothing in sun-dappled shadows,
brushing moments of sensation
in colors of red and yellow fleeting flows
of brief poignancy come to rest.

Pluck the petals spread as offerings laid
to breathe in faint promise.
Savor the sentiments of the journey made
to regions of the secret.
Scale the shuttered walls, meet true intent
tasting unknown future.
Test trembling wings upon silvered portent
to measure the horizon.

Cherish the touch of hands so entwined
as to tremble the heart.
Stand within her light's caress divined
as the point of no return.
Fall afar the lonely clouds to once kiss
a whisper of her flesh.
Lay down in her moist meadow of mist
and speak of your love.

© 2000 DPMcClellan


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