The Cabin Chapbook


Each of the above chapters is comprised of a "theme" relating to the poems contained within. As the chapbook grows, more poems and themes will be added.

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Contains poems written for special people who have come into my life...some remain in the physical world while others have gone on to a much more peaceful place.

Poems about pain, loneliness, or any one of a myriad of emotions relating to that "little thing called love".

More poems about special people who often inspire the "softer" side of my writing.

These poems are "windows" into my thoughts on various subjects. Some of those thoughts have changed over time but all of them, at one time or another, have been major driving forces in my life.

More of my thoughts, but this time, related to "lessons" in life brought on by the realities that touch us all (or should).

Poems about angels, real and imagined, on earth and beyond. A very special chapter dedicated to those who bestow and those who receive unconditional love.