The Cabin Chapbook


Angel's Prayer

Host of Angels 

It's late at night and as I sleep,
I dream of different worlds.
Where visions deep are shown to me,
Subconscious thoughts unfurled.

Like pictures on a movie screen,
Soft flickers in my mind.
And heaven opens up to me,
As secrets there I find.

A host of angels gather 'round
Like stars around the moon.
And in my dreams I hear them sing
A sad and mournful tune.

Their silver wings are glistening,
They shimmer in the air.
And golden halo's light their face
Beneath their golden hair.

They sing of dreams we bought and sold
Beneath the earthly skies.
And shed their diamond angel tears
For all whose dreams have died.

For each of them a mission waits,
On earth so far below.
A soul to save, a life to guard,
A heart that's lost control.

In each of us a child remains,
Its innocence intact,
But wolves are gathered at the crib,
And poised for quick attack.

The angels' job is clear it seems,
To keep the wolves at bay.
To hold that child within their arms
And watch it as it plays.

They hover in the shadows of
The corners of our mind.
With folded wings around our soul
They watch our lives unwind.

And in our drems they speak to us
With voices never heard.
They whisper to our innocence
Which captures every word.

They say the choices made in life
Aren't guided by their touch,
But they'll be there to catch us
If we slip from life's warm clutch.

And even in our darkest nights,
When faith is growing cold,
They hold a candle to our life
To light our darkest road.

They follow in our conscience
As we walk the path ahead,
And keep a record in our hearts
Of every tear we've shed.

Then as my dream begins to fade
I wonder if it's true.
Are hosts of angels really there
To help us make it through?

And when I open up my eyes
A softness on my chest
Reveals a silver feather where
My heart had laid to rest.

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