The Cabin Chapbook


Angel's Prayer

Angel Wings 

The whisper winds blow softly
Through this darkened paradise,
As I gaze into the starlight
Of the frozen winter skies.

Beyond the black horizon
Sits an angel high above,
She sings to me of friendship,
With kindness, hope, and love.

Her voice is full of laughter
And her words are gentle rhymes.
And she strokes my deepest feelings
In my loneliest of times.

Enlightened by her passions,
I have found the child within.
A frightened, humble remnant
Of a past with many sins.

Within my darkest dreaming,
I have lived a thousand lives,
And suffered through the worst of them
Not always knowing why.

But now I have a vision
Of a better world to be.
I feel a new beginning,
Since this angel sang to me.

The warmth of conversation
To keep the cold at bay.
A friend to share a dream or two
Before they drift away.

This kindred soul I speak of,
Could soften hearts of stone.
She comes to offer comfort,
So I'll never be alone.

And when I close my weary eyes,
I hear her as she sings,
And drift away to kinder worlds
Upon my angel's wings.

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