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- 1998

Ok, that's me...big thrill huh? It's a fairly recent picture...most recent one I own anyway. I never was one to spend much time in front of a camera. I never was real crazy about doing "bios" either but I thought, what the hell?...might as well give you a glimpse at the man behind the words while I was giving you a look at the man in front of the camera. Most every thought I've ever had is written down somewhere amongst the rooms of "The Cabin"...which brings up the question: "What makes a person who they are...their thoughts...or, their experiences?". I suspect it's a combination of both, with a fair amount of genetics thrown in for flavor.

I was born in 1958, so I lived through the glorious 60's. And, although I don't remember much about them- they had a great influence on my thoughts when the 70's rolled around- SOME of which I do remember. I was your stereotypical "small town boy" throughout my "formative" years...grew up in a wide spot in the road in southwest Arkansas (population then- 136...population now- 144: a regular population explosion huh?). I now live about 10 miles from that little town. Of course there are a few intervening years between me living there and me living here...about 23 years at last count. I left home after I graduated from high school in '77. Did the patriotic thing and joined the Navy. It wasn't really patriotism though...more like the easiest "escape" route I could think of at the time. To this day I'm not sure what I was escaping from (although I have some theories), and obviously, the place "re-captured" me 'cause here I am back in the same old place again.

It has been said that, after you leave, "you can never go home again". It's also been said that "you can take the boy out of the country but you can't take the country out of the boy". Then there is "home is where the heart is" and "home is the place where, when you come back, they have to take you in". A cliche' for every occasion. I suppose a grain of truth exists within every cliche'. Otherwise they would never have become a cliche' in the first place. Anyway, here I am, very close to where it all began. Many years older and maybe a few wiser.

During those years in the Navy, I did a fair amount of traveling. I didn't "sail the seven seas" or anything like that, having spent a total of only about 30 days at sea during my entire career. Practically all of my time in the military was spent in military hospitals-- no, not as a patient - that's where I worked. I was stationed in San Diego (twice), South Carolina (four years- two different cities), Maine (less than a year), Guam (two years), Oakland (6 years), and Washington state (5 years). During my "sea duty" I did manage to briefly visit Cuba, the Virgin Islands, and Curacao, Venezuela. While overseas, as part of my job, I flew Medevac flights to the Phillipines and Hawaii. And I got to spend a few days in Alaska once too. I've at least seen, driven through, or been in the airport of about 45 of the 50 states, Canada, and Mexico.

I married my high school sweetheart a couple of years after joining the service. We divorced after 13 years. I then found and married my first "true love" (the high school sweetheart prior to the one I married first). That only lasted about 3 years but ended peacefully (maybe you CAN go back home but old flames just don't burn as bright as you might think).

Now though, I can proudly (and very happily) say, I have finally found the girl I've been looking for all my life. We have been "together" since early October of '99 and life has never been better. I guess a person just has to experience a little (or a lot) of life before he knows what a good one is. It just doesn't get any better than it is now. I have two children (girls, 18 and 12) from my first marriage, both of whom live with me. She has three children (boys, 16, 9 and 9 -- yep-- TWINS!!). You might say our life is very full (and you would be very correct). Early on in our relationship we developed a web page together. We met online and the pages we built represented a "place we could go" to be together emotionally until we arranged to be together physically as we are now. Take a look at "A Place Called Forever" if you want to see love as it was meant to be. It tells our story much better than I can in mere text.

I've been out of the service for a few years now and I'm still working in the medical profession. By training and education I'm a Cardiopulmonary Technologist and a Respiratory Therapist. The medical field has been my life for over 20 years and I really don't know how to do much of anything else for a decent living.

I'm pretty handy with computers (self-taught), I build web pages (duh!), and I write (double duh!). I have an Associate's Degree in Science and I'm working on my PHD in life experience. I haven't been everywhere and done everything but I've come about as close to it as I want to and a lot closer than I ever imagined I would. And that pretty much sums up the "big picture" of "who I am" or at least how I got to WHERE I am. As I mentioned before, WHO I am is scattered throughout the rooms of "The Cabin". You can figure out the rest for yourself.

I do sincerely thank you for visiting and hope you find something that touches you in some small way.

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