Love Theme (A Time For Us) - Romeo and Juliet


You come to me...

in waves...

swirling through quiet and secret places
held deep within my soul

while I walk along the beach
of our love...


the screech of gulls
singing sea songs of heart-bonded lovers
circling...hovering...dipping and soaring
on windy columns of faith and hope

and sweet sunset-tinted dreams...
floating silently in a driftwood wake
slipping silently to shore

... in waves...

caressing sands of time,
erasing footsteps of past regrets...
...swirling eddies of pain...
carried out to sea
nevermore to muffle and drown
the beat of my heart.

Your breath against my cheek...

like feathery clouds... promises of forever...
scudding across tear filled eyes
like rain-streaked skies
reflecting rainbow hued memories

of us

flickering candle light
casting aromatic shadows
on observant angels
peering through crystal glass
and mirrors

as we bathed in the glow
of each other
wrapped and enraptured
beneath skylight windows
baptizing our souls

...and each other...

with love unbound
by two hearts
seeking one dream
of love

through a soft-spoken question

("Will you?")

and a whispered promise


Now and Forever
to love and be loved

you come to me waves...

©Alan W. Goodson


You come to me in tides...

Surges reaching to the stars,
To the powerful, yet gentle lunar force
Which with cadence, beckons us home,
Through its glowing, ghostly beacon of life.
Pulsing and melodious, alleviating and lucid,
Reflecting and lacing brilliant crystals
Over black-velvet waters of our soul.

You come to me in tides...

Stretching forces of life and rhythm
To a shore of tranquil, utter comfort,
Possessing yet fierce power of passion,
The encompassing wave of crowning love.
Before its wake, it billows a pure and purging crest
Drowning parasitic barnacles, and filling spaces of
Spiraling, ebony undertows of darkness.

You come to me in tides...

As we stroll along the shore,
The long, spindly slanted patterns
Of our evening, moon shadows
Casts images on the sands far behind us.
Never to obscure our course ahead again,
None ever to force their murky vessels
Into the ports of our rich and bountiful sea.

You come to me in tides...

Wind filling and moving my empty sails,
Swirling and dancing of natures celebration
Through satin pastel, moon-lit skies,
Awakening senses long quiet and forgotten,
And glittering dreams, once thought illusioned,
Lifting gull's wings free and unbound in skies,
Lifting me to meet your beauty in the heavens.

In tides, you come to me

©Sharon Angleman