~~Princess Sharon~~


What Dreams May Come 

My princess, my star, my passion and flame...who are you? You stepped like an angel from the heavens into my life, bringing all the color and enchantment of a lifetime of dreams into the mortal realm of my existence. Thoughts of you flow like warm honey from my soul to my fingertips as I yet again try to form the words to express how deeply you have touched me...moved me...inspired me. I have been blessed. But it is beyond words...beyond reason...beyond anything I've known...this thing that you do.

Where have you been all my life? Our physical paths have just recently crossed yet I know you...have known you...have felt the essence of you...forever. Searching but not finding, losing myself in the force that holds my body tightly to the surface of this spinning orb, yet wandering through the veiled canyons of forever in a quest for that One True Thing you so eloquently speak of in your own soulful musings.

I write so often of dreams. They are but simple metaphors for hope and desire unbound by the chains of that which we call reality. These dreams...they are not the mind pictures and esoteric scenes displayed as I sleep. They are so much more than that. They are the mirrors of my soul, reflective thoughts of future hope and love, projected outward into every aspect of my being, whether I be conscious or wrapped within the soft darkness of repose.

You are possessed of such beauty of spirit and you instill within me the eloquence which I try so desperately to wrap around my words. You are poetry in my heart, adding rhythm to its constant beat...a beat that resounds against the bony cage in which it is held. The beat is stronger now...more insistent, sending its vibrations throughout my body and rapping gently at the door that opens into everything I am and want to be.

I am consumed by the fire which warms the universal soul of those who have the ability to find it within themselves and touch it within others. And I walk willingly and anxiously into the flames, exposing my skin to the searing heat of deep passion previously unknown. I dance with you in the flickering light that repels the shadowy demons of a lonely past. Held tightly by your feral charms, I am mesmerized by your love.

So I try to immortalize you with my words. For you ARE my One True Thing. You are that for which every soul cries out, yet so few have ever found. I have seen inside your soul, walked in your garden, bathed in the sweet honey of the love that you have reserved only for me. A private pool of warm thoughts and quiet peace lies within you. I am cleansed as it flows through me, filling the chambers of my heart, and pumping outwards to the vessels that provide sustenance to my deepest desires.

What dreams may come will pale in comparison to the one I have already found...or perhaps the one that found me. For as long as you desire, I will do all within my power to show you the same beauty within myself that is exquisitely held within you. I will be a mirror, so that you may see the things in yourself that you have so wondrously inspired in me.

I LOVE YOU, Sweet Princess of Light -- hold fast to the dream.