OK, so I cheated with the e-mail. But you lead me right to it (from the American Singles) I couldn't resist ...*s*

I must be honest, I have never wandered around the personals before. I was actually looking for a chat site...and there you were! Needless to say, I don't have a profile set up there.

Why am I writing? well....What really inspired this (you have beautiful eyes) is your work - on your web site (and we live in the same state *s*) Incredible quill there. Indeed. Very nice site, as well.

I suppose in fairness I should say something about my self...gee...that's not so easy is it. Really puts humility to the test...ummm. OK. My long term goal is law school. I'm a graduate student (mass communications), a freelance journalist, writer, photographer. I graduated fourth in my university last year, first in my college, but I can't spell. Seriously. If spell check didn't exist, I would have been an artist starving in the alleys of New Orleans. I call myself an artist. Really, though, I'm not bad.

I'm 38, I look 29, maybe? hopefully? (The attached pic is about 4 years old - I look the same now, but with somewhat shorter hair. I will find or take a more recent pic soon)

I enjoy classical rock, some new stuff, blues, jazz, classical and baroque. I like it all pretty loud, especially Beethoven *s*. I do smoke :( I quit once, but started again late one night when my twins were infants. They're 8 now...and I also have a 15-year-old. Yikes! 3 kids! All boys, all above-average (of course *s*). I drink socially. I like Cabernet and Busch Lite. I like the symphony and Bob Dylan. I like blue jeans and silk. I ride a motorcycle in the summertime and get lonely when I hear a train whistle.

I am in the middle of a very uneventful divorce. We have been separated for some time, but - well, truthfully - I was in the plane that crashed in Little Rock earlier this year and that event kind of brought everything around me to a screeching halt (no pun intended). I was not physically injured, but it sure did rattle the hell out of me.

Speaking of rattling, I've done enough. I did notice on one of your pages you mention Sharon, your fiancee - I will take the risk of assuming she is your second wife, now divorced.

Forgive me if I have intruded by skating around the forces that be. I hope I haven't been out of line...