Hi there...and thanks for the e-mail and the pic. I'm already intrigued and I'm NOT that easily amused :-). I did that American Singles thing on a whim...not really my style (as if I had one!). But you just never know do you? I'm a serious "net addict" and tend to sign up for any and everything, 'specially if its free. I don't do the "personals" thing either, not online, not in the papers, and not any other way as a general rule but I always reserve the right to bend the rules on rare occasions.

Thank you for your very kind words about my site and my writing. I appreciate your honest feedback. You know, us artists thrive on great critiques. I don't cheat at chess either, but I would have to if I ever played 'cause I've never played (well, once but I've gotten over it).

Since you were kind enough to share a bit of a bio with me, I'll go a bit more in depth on my own (although I really do DETEST doing those things). I'm 40 and I suppose I look about 40 (never think much about it...sometimes I feel 20, other days I'm pushing 80). I'm originally from Nashville, Ark ('bout an hour from Texarkana) but was born in Morrilton, up closer your way I suppose. Graduated HS in 1977, joined the Navy and saw more of the world than I cared to during my (almost) 20 years working for the guvment.

I've spent my whole working life in the medical field and am a certified Cardiopulmonary Technologist (through the Navy). I recently got my associates of applied science and am currently working as a Respiratory Therapist. I had to go back to school after I got out of the Navy (3 years ago) to get a piece of paper that said I know what I had been doing for 20 years. But that's ok, I showed THEM...LOL. I finished with a 4.0 GPA and won Student of the Year both years, National Dean's List, both years, Chancellor's Honor Roll, both years, and was selected as the college's Academic All Star (an Arkansas two-year college academic award thingie). I don't attribute any of it to being "smart"...just determined, experienced, and stubborn when it comes to proving myself at doing something I enjoy.

Two kids here (full custody), both girls, oldest one 17 and youngest one 11. Both from my first marriage which ended after 13 years in a disaster (wife decided crack and crank were more interesting than reality...she might be right but she took it too far--haven't seen or heard from her in three years---lost in Washington state somewhere). I got out of the Navy, looked up my "first love" re-married, and now am waiting for the (very friendly) divorce to be finalized in a few weeks. Things just didn't work out as we had hoped although we never had a single argument...just lost track of why we were together and got caught up in the fairy tale of it all...but hopefully it will still be a happily ever after thing...just not together. Things are cool between us though.

What else?'m a major Pink Floyd junkie but I listen to just about anything. I prefer songs with some meaning to them (must be the writer in me) but I like music just for the sake of music too. Smoke...yeah...even though I know its harmful and could tell you HOW harmful right down to the cellular level. I used to drink a lot...then I didn't drink I do when I feel like it but never to the point of losing control.

I work mostly evenings and nights (just got home, that's why this is written at the ungodly hour of 4:30 a.m. I don't have much of a social life and don't miss it to any great degree. Too many years of having "been there done that" sort of turned me into a recluse. I don't have the slightest idea on how the dating scene works these days and am terrified of jumping into that world.

I generally think of myself as a pretty decent person and I'm relatively quiet and reserved for the most part. I believe most people would agree that I'm easy to get along with and am a good friend to have.

What more would you like to know or have I already turned you off? Interesting pose in your picture, I would like to see more. No, you were not out of line at all, I'm glad you wrote. I would be interested in knowing more about you, from a safe distance if you prefer. I never was good at the stalking thing, I have no dangerous obsessions, never been convicted of a crime, am totally non-violent, respect women (actually think they're kinda neat, they have all the fun toys :-)). I'm open minded but only kinky when asked to be and I try very hard to be honest without being brutal. Obviously, I write poetry and its much more than just something I do, it's a large part of who I am. And yes, Sharon is the soon to be ex-wife. I am totally available, no girlfriends, mistresses, illicit affairs, or farm animals in my life at the moment.

Would love to hear more from you if you're interested. Seems you have lived a charmed life with the airplane crash and all...amazing. I could use some charm in my own. Oh...and I'm a great speller--never challenge me to Scrabble :-).