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Took this shot of daisies reflected on side of a purple truck covered with pollen. Color enhanced only slightly-otherwise actual photo.
ArtisticSeries_001 * Interesting shot of a friend at Halloween. Used PSP to apply kaleidoscope effect to photo then used result as background.

ArtisticSeries_002 * Merged photo of butterfly and daisies reflected on side of truck digitally enhanced with texture filter in PSP.

ArtisticSeries_003 * Photo of daisies reflected on side of truck. Slight color/contrast enhancement only.

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ArtisticSeries_004.jpg - 06-24-2007 09:16:08
ArtisticSeries_005 * Merged photo of moon and dogwood tree with black and white filter applied.

ArtisticSeries_006 * No photo tricks. Actual macro photo of new maple leaf holding single drop of water. Added text with PSP.

ArtisticSeries_007 * Merged photo of spider, web, and galaxy stock photo from Nasa. Color alteration in PSP.

Dogwood_007 * Enhanced photo of pink dogwood. Applied softening filter to background.

Dogwood_008 * Floating pink dogwood petals (background digitally removed).

Photos that have significant digital alterations
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